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3 Ways an Above Ground Swimming Pool Brings People Together

Not everyone has the budget for an in-ground pool, but everyone deserves the quality time with family and friends that owning a pool brings. An above ground pool is a perfect choice for New Jersey families on a budget. Here are 3 ways an above ground swimming pool brings people together. 

At Central Jersey Pools our high quality above ground pools will bring your family years of summer bonding and memories to last a lifetime – at a price you can afford.

Family Time in an Above Ground Swimming Pool 

Above ground pools are fun for all ages.

An above ground swimming pool is fun for the entire family. From the youngest member of your family to the oldest, pool time is always enjoyable.

Above ground pools are a great place to learn to swim. Young children, and older adults who never learned, will feel safer learning to swim in an above ground pool surrounded by trusted family in your private backyard. 

Your children may even stop arguing with each other as they play pool games like Marco Polo and Diving for Treasure. And what older teen or adult wouldn’t enjoy a game of Noodle Joust or Chicken Fight! 

Imagine the bonding between toddler and grandparents as they swim together in your above ground pool. And how easily you’ll be able to draw older children and teenagers away from their devices to go outside with the family. 

Imagine your entire family – wet from the pool – eating traditional New Jersey hot dogs complete with fried potatoes, peppers, and onions. These are the memories you all will cherish. Read over our buyer’s guide and contact us to get started making your family memories. 

Above Ground Pool Parties

Who doesn’t love a pool party?

Weren’t you always jealous of your friends with summer birthday pool parties? Or were you one of the lucky ones? 

No matter our age, we all love getting together with our friends poolside. And what’s not to love? A pool party comes complete with sun, food, cold drinks, splashing water, floats, games, music, and loads of laughter. 

With an affordable above ground pool in your backyard, all you need to do is invite your friends, apply your sunscreen, turn on the music, and let the party begin. 

At Central Jersey Pools we carry a variety of Doughboy Pools sure to fit all of your friends!

Date Night 

Adding solar lights around an above ground pool creates romance.

Quality time with your spouse is important, but it’s easy for date night to get postponed again and again due to the hustle and bustle of family life. 

A simple way to keep date night on the top of your priority list during the summer months is simply by stepping into your backyard and getting into your above ground pool. 

You can create a romantic atmosphere by adding white solar lights or colored LEDs around your above ground pool. This will make your above ground pool perfect for a nighttime swim with your spouse. You could even add floating candles and a floating bar inside your pool to up the romance level. While you are at it, why not toss in some rose petals and really sweep your spouse off their feet!

Imagine time spent gazing at the night sky, talking quietly, and relaxing in each other’s company. These are the moments that keep a couple connected and build greater affection for one another.

With all the ways an above ground pool brings people together, what are you waiting for? Call us today. 

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