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A How-to Guide to Keeping Mice and Rodents Out of Your Pool Heater

Mice and rodents are bad enough when they get into your attic or shed, but when they nest in your pool heater, it can be even more of an annoyance, not to mention a costly problem. Mice love to eat though wires and insulation so they can build a nest, have their babies and stay out of the cold during the winter. This spells disaster for your pool equipment.
In addition to checking your pool heater periodically, here are some tips to preventing rodent infestation:
Gather Supplies
Go to the store and get the following items:

  • Steel wool
  • Moth balls
  • Wood panel
  • Chicken wire
  • Hardware cloth
  • Rubber snakes (yes, you saw that right)

Add Moth Balls

Head to the control panel. Put a few moth balls inside to deter rodents from getting in there in the first place. They hate the smell!

Seal up Cracks
If you see any open cracks or gaps, place some steel wool inside to deter rodents from squeezing through. If they do attempt to get through and bite the steel wool, it will cut their mouths and they will go elsewhere. If they do power through and keep eating it, the steel wool will eventually cause them to die.

Cover All Areas with Cloth
Use ¼-inch hardware cloth to cover exposed areas as an additional barrier to entry. They can’t chew through this no matter how hard they try.

Install Wood Paneling on the Unit
Use wood paneling to cover the exterior of the pool heater. Now you have a fool proof barrier that will keep away any mouse or rodent. If they can get inside that, then kudos to those super mice!

Scatter Snakes Around the Base of the Unit
For even more protection, place a few rubber snakes around the exterior of the pool heater. Rodents understandably hate snakes because they are their natural predators, and will steer clear of the area.

Before opening your pool in the spring or summer, be sure to take all these precautions off, even the moth balls.

If you already have experienced rodent infestation, call an exterminator to get rid of the nest. If you want to do it yourself, be sure to turn off the power to the heater first. After the nest is cleared, you’ll have to make repairs to the heater. Call in a pool professional from Central Jersey Pools to repair any wires and components that may have been damaged. We have the tools and experience to get this done safely and efficiently!

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