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Aquabot Pool Cleaner Review

Aquabot Pool Cleaner Review – Every pool owner appreciates cutting out at least one annoying and time consuming chore. That’s why so many people appreciate robotic pool cleaners like the Aquabot Classic. Check out our review of this classic pool cleaner.
This excellent investment for inground pools is great for any skill level. It uses active scrubbing brushes to thoroughly clean the floor, walls, waterline, and stairs. Included in this machine is:

  • A power supply
  • Cleaner attached to a 50-foot floating power cable
  • Filter bag with flotation and intake extensions

This plug-and-play equipment is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to put in a lot of time or effort to pool cleaning. And let’s face it, who does? Here are some simple tips to using it:

  • Put the filter bag inside the cleaner.
  • Plug the power supply into a GFCI outlet.
  • Insert the floating power cable from the cleaner into the power supply.
  • Situate the cleaner in the shallow end of the pool; the cleaner will slowly fall to the bottom.
  • Switch on the power supply.
  • Let the cleaner run.
  • Shut it off when you want it to stop.
  • Remove the cleaner from your pool.
  • Allow any water to drain out.
  • Remove filter baskets.
  • Rinse with a high-pressure garden hose.

Not only is the Aquabot Classic easy to run, it’s affordable compared with other models. It’s also a long-lasting piece of equipment that should last you many years. In addition, it’s very efficient at cleaning pools of all sizes, and it’s super simple to set up and use. This self-contained unit is able to filter the water down to two microns.
If you’re looking for an automatic cleaner that is efficient, fast, versatile and affordable, the Aquabot Classic is the one for you!

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