Pool Closing Tips: Should I Use Antifreeze?

Car or Pool Antifreeze for Pool Skimmers: Summer is coming to a close for yet another year and you face the unfortunate task of closing up the pool. After a great season of splashing and swimming, you may be reluctant to tackle this chore but it is absolutely necessary. You can call in a professional…

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Buying a Pool During a Pandemic: A Year of Ups and Downs

How Our Industry Was Affected and What YOU Can Expect This Year! Buying a Pool during COVID: There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a crazy roller coaster ride. Who knew when we started out in January where this year would take us. We’ve experienced it all here at Central Jersey Pools: highs, lows, and…

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Vacation in Your Backyard: Transform Your Outdoor Living Space For 2021

Well, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t always rely on far-off vacation spots, nearby beaches and exotic destinations for your annual trips. Did you try booking a swimming pool installation last year when COVID-19 shutdowns forced families to spend more time at home, but to your dismay could not because of…

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How Can a Patio Heater Extend Your Outdoor Entertainment Season?

Outdoor Patio Heaters: If you love entertaining outdoors in your own backyard, you know how inclusive, fun and rewarding it can be. And if you have a heated pool and hot tub, your outdoor entertainment options are even more versatile. But with the chillier fall nights on the way, you may be looking at ways…

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Your Swimming Pool Will be the Safest Place to Play This Summer

Your Swimming Pool Will be the Safest Place to Play This Summer With stay-at-home orders persisting into the foreseeable future all over the country due to COVID-19, more and more people are looking for relaxing and entertaining ways to enjoy their yards. Putting in a swimming pool is one great way to do that. Who…

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No Travel Required: Vacation Safely in Your Backyard

No Travel Required: Vacation Safely in Your Backyard – If you love to relax and kick back during the summer but don’t want to hassle with booking a plane, making hotel reservations and jockeying for position on a crowded beach, there’s a better way: stay home! When you outfit your backyard with all the summer essentials…

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Vinyl Liner Repair

Vinyl Liner Repair Freehold NJ

After several years your liner can lose its elasticity, causing it to be more susceptible to tearing. Accelerators of this loss of elasticity include improper water balance and sun damage. Sun damage is tough to avoid, but many times improper water balance could have been avoided, causing your liner to last longer.             Tearing many…

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Swimming Pools: Eye, Skin & Hair Care

Swimming Pool Eye Skin Hair Care - Freehold NJ

As we enjoy swimming pools this summer, we will possibly be faced with eye & skin irritation, sunburn, and hair discoloration. The following is information to help prevent some of these problems from occurring. Eye & Skin Irritation             What causes this eye & skin irritation? We have been raised hearing the phrase “too much…

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Selecting A Swimming Pool Builder

Swimming Pool Contractor Freehold NJ

There are many good pool builders in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex area. Choosing the right one for you is important. You can rid yourself of a car that is a “lemon”, but you are stuck with a poo that is a “lemon”. If you cannot afford the type of pool or the builder of…

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Salt Water Swimming Pools

Salt Water Swimming Pools Freehold NJ

Customers often have a plethora of inquiries regarding the concept of a saltwater pool system. Questions like, “I’m allergic to chlorine, is a saltwater pool chlorine-free?” and “Are saltwater pools more expensive than regular pools?” can be answered in the following paragraphs.            A saltwater pool does not completely differ from…

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