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Hot Tub Buyers Guide

Buying a hot tub can seem overwhelming with so many models and options. This guide will help you through the process from start to finish. Read our in-depth guide to learn everything you need to know about buying the right hot tub for you.

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Hot Tub Benefits

Ahh, the joys of a hot tub. Melting away your stress one bubble at a time, hot tubs can be your place of serenity where you can recharge your batteries and de-stress.

Learn About The Benefits Of Hot Tubs

Smartop Hot Tub Covers

Smartop sets a new standard for home spa covers, designed and manufactured to correct the leading problems associated with spa ownership. 

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Covana Hot Tub Cover

Want to know the key to happiness? All you need is the key to your Covana hot tub cover. One quick turn and you’re whisked away to paradise.

Learn About The Covana Hot Tub Cover

Aspen Spas Offers Exclusive Designs and Unrivaled Engineering

When you invest in an Aspen Spa, you’re choosing the quality and service of a family-owned and operated company. With over 27 years in the hot tub business, we’re constantly evolving our spas, improving our offerings and forging relationships with every customer we have the pleasure of meeting. Your Aspen Spa is about so much more than pure relaxation; it’s about taking advantage of the following features.


You Deserve It

Why choose an ordinary hot tub when you can have the best? When you purchase a spa from Aspen, you’re getting an exclusive design, incredible durability, confidence in clarity, astonishing efficiency and the reliability and performance that can only come from a spa that was built right here in St. Louis, MO.



Relax your mind, your body and your spirit

For thousands of years, humans have been using the power of the temporary near-weightlessness associated with a soak in hot water to release tension in joints and muscles and to achieve total relaxation. The buoyancy of your body when immersed in water decreases pressure and weight on sore or arthritic joints. Additionally, the heat of a dip in the spa loosens tight muscles and promotes relaxation.

Made in America

Your Aspen Spa was proudly made in St. Louis, Missouri.
With a strong foundation in the heating and air conditioning business, the Bania family knows well the value of perseverance, hard work, customer service and a job well done. Their years in HVAC exposed them to a wide variety of skills, including electrical, plumbing and carpentry work, as well as the essential and special finesse of knowing how to treat a customer and their home with respect and care along every step of the way.


Our Aspen Spas

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