Who Offers Hot Tub Moving Service in NJ?

Who offers hot tub moving service in NJ?

Are you ready for MOVING DAY?! Perhaps second in excitement and hard work only to demo day (that’s for you, Chip Gaines), it’s important to be fully prepared for a move. So, how do you prepare for moving day? First, practice saying these phrases: Where should I put this box? and Home sweet home. Second,…

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How to Close an Above Ground Pool

How to close an above ground pool

It’s that time of year when pool owners in New Jersey need to start closing their pools for the season. Winterizing your pool is important to protect your above ground pool from harm when the weather is frigid. Doing so will not only prevent damage, but it will also make opening your pool for spring…

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What is the Average Size of a Residential Swimming Pool?

What is the average size of a residential swimming pool?

Trying to decide on the best size for a backyard pool can be a challenge. You don’t want your pool to be too small and feel cramped. But you also don’t want it to be too large, going unused and taking unnecessary space away from your yard. So, what is the average size of a…

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How to Get Rid of Mustard Algae

mustard algae in a swimming pool

You keep your chemicals balanced to a T, but you’re still seeing a worrisome yellow tinge to your pool water. What could it be? The culprit is probably mustard algae. While it can be tricky to deal with, no worries — there’s a way to get rid of mustard algae so that your swimming pool…

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What is Involved in a Salt Water Pool Conversion?

salt water pool freeform

So you’re ready to make the switch to a salt water pool. Congratulations! Now your big question is: just what all is involved in a salt water pool conversion? The process does take a few days total and a lot of patience. But once it’s done, you’ll be looking at easier water maintenance, fewer skin…

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Why You Should Consider Adding an Above Ground Pool Deck

family siting on their above ground pool deck

There are many benefits to investing in an above ground pool — they’re cost-effective, portable, and provide your family with a means to stay cool and have fun in the hot summer. But could you make your pool even better? Consider adding a deck to your above ground pool! Here’s why. Expand Your Above Ground…

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Where can I get a saltwater pool in NJ?

A saltwater pool in NJ

Have you been wondering, “Where can I get a saltwater pool in NJ?” Well, look no further. Here at Central Jersey Pools, we have years of experience with saltwater pools and we would be happy to advise on all aspects of owning one.  Whether you’re just beginning to plan for a brand new saltwater inground…

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Who Builds Pools in NJ?

A freeform NJ pool

Have you been seriously considering putting in an inground pool for a while now? If so, that’s probably led you to the next obvious question — “Who builds pools in NJ?” Well, the answer is that we do and we’ve been at it for a long time. At Central Jersey Pools, we’ve been building pools…

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Above Ground Pool Buying Tips

Above Ground Pool Buying Tips – Buying an above ground pool can be a tricky thing. How do you know you’re getting the best deal? It’s not just something you can quickly buy without researching it first. It takes careful consideration before making such a big investment. Here are some factors to consider in your…

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