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Basic Pool Care Using Biguanide (Baquacil)

One of he most commonly used alternatives to chlorine is Biguanide, which is based on European technology and has been used in the Denton area since approximately the late 1980’s. it is a disinfection system that is incompatible with chlorine, bromine, non-chlorine chock, copper based algaecides, as well as other chemicals.
            The Biguanide disinfectant is used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide (for oxidation purposes) and a quat-based algaecide. The product is a disinfectant that destroys bacterial cell membranes, and depends heavily on the filter to maintain a clear pool. This product can be effective in the right situation but is slightly more expensive than chlorine. Although it will work in all types of pools, the ideal pool for the product is a vinyl-liner pool with a sand filter. It is tested with a test kit that is designed for Biguanide testing.
Advantages of Biguanide

  • Liquid products are easy to use.
  • The water feels smooth and gentle to bathers.
  • The chemistry is gentle to pool surfaces, including vinyl.

Disadvantages of Biguanide

  • Can be more expensive (especially on lager pools).
  • Less forgiving than chlorine if pool is neglected.
  • Increased filter maintenance.

The most common brands of Biguanide is Baquacil.
Three very important keys to success using Biguanide products are:

  1. Remember that you must keep the water balanced
  • This means you still need to test the pH and total alkalinity and occasionally the calcium hardness.
  1. Be consistent
  • Pool owners must keep up with it and not fall behind
  1. Filter cleaning
  • Keeping the filter clean is essential 

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