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Basic Pool Care

At Central Jersey Pools, we believe that there are five keys to pool care:

  1. Circulation
    • Make sure that your pump is circulating at least 10 hours per day during the swim season. The longer the pool water is in motion, the harder it is for bacteria and algae to take hold and grow.
  2. Filtration
    • Filtration refers to the skimmer basket(s), pump basket, and the filter-all need to be kept clean and free of debris. In addition, make sure that your filter is operating properly and clean the filter when needed. It is critical to remove both visible debris and microscopic matter, which is what the filter does. If you do not know when your filter needs to be cleaned, a local pool professional would be glad to discuss your filter with you.
  3. Cleaning
    • This is critical and must be done. It is of particular importance to brush the walls and floor of the pool in order to prevent algae and bacteria from growing. 

Automatic pool cleaners are on most pools, but remember they are there to help you keep the pool clean-they are many times not capable of cleaning areas such as steps, benches, and other problem areas. 

  1. Testing
    • It would probably be a good idea to test the water at least once per week to keep it free from bacteria and algae. For those of you that have used conventional test kits with liquid solutions, I have a suggestion. Try test strips. I have held out on suggesting them because I questioned their accuracy. But they have improved over the years and are very simple to use. You simply dip the test strip into the pool water and compare the colors with the comparator on the side of the bottle. They are accurate and simple to use. In addition, have your local pool supply store perform a complete water analysis for you at least every 3 months. Doing so can truly tae the look of your pool water to another level.
  2. Proper water balance
    • Once the tests have been performed, add the chemicals that are needed. Be sure you know the pool capacity in gallons for your pool. If you are unsure about the capacity in gallons for your pool, a pool professional will be glad to help you figure it out. Chemically treating the improper gallon age can cause problems with your pool water. It is also a good idea to use an algaecide to help prevent the growth of algae. 

Keeping an eye on the five keys to pool care should give you more time to enjoy your swimming pool. Another way to look at this is the way professional pool cleaners do. Professional pool cleaners have systems and routines to make their time more efficient. Knowing how the professional’s clean pools might help you in your pool cleaning procedures. The following cleaning procedures are similar to what is used by many pool service companies.  
– The information in this brochure is true and complete to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee on the part of Central Jersey Pools, or on the part of any of its employees who disclaim all liability incurred with the use of this information.
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