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Basic Pool Troubleshooting

The following are some basic tips for troubleshooting your swimming pool. If you do not understand or have further problems, it is our suggestion to schedule a service call. So that one of our service technicians can come to your hose to fix the problem.

Question: My pump won’t prime (no water is going thru it) or won’t stay primed, what is going on?
            The first thing to do is to check the water level in the pool. In addition, be sure that the skimmer baskets and pump baskets are free of debris. If this does not do the trick, check the position of the skimmer weir doors. If they are stuck, the pump will not stay primed. If you are still having problems, turn the pump off, remove the pump lid, fill the pump volute with water, replace the pump lid, and then turn the pump on. If you are still unable to get the pump primed, it might indicate that there is an air leak and you will need a service technician.

Question: Why is my pump noisy?
            Pumps typically get noisy when the bearings are going out. Motor replacement is usually the recommended solution.

Question: It seems that I am getting DE back into the pool-what is wrong?
            When DE returns to the pool, it usually indicates one or more of the filter grids are torn. Disassemble the filter and check the grids very closely for tears.
            If you have a sand filter and have sand returning to the pool, it usually indicates a broken lateral in the sand filter itself.

Question: The pressure in my filter seems too high-what do I do?
            When the pressure rises in a filter, it usually indicates that the filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned or backwashed. If it is a cartridge filter, disassemble the filter and remove the cartridge to clean it. If it is a sand or DE filter, it is time to backwash the filter. After backwashing, you must put DE back into the filter by adding it to the skimmers.

Question: My automatic cleaner is not working well-what can I check myself?
            Be sure that the filter is clean and that a stick is not jammed into the throat of the cleaner. If that does not solve the problem, bring your pool cleaner into the retail store, and they will check it for you and make repairs if necessary.

Question: My heater wont come on-what can I check myself?
            You can make sure that the pump is on, and that the filter is clean. Pool heaters are fairly complex, and repairs should only be made by a trained professional.

Remember that we have a fully trained service department that can solve most any pool problem that you have. If you need help, call (732) 462-5005 and we will schedule an appointment for a service technician to come make repairs.

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