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Pool opening Mercer County is our specialty. Why? Thanks to our 60 years in business, we are dedicated to ensuring your pool is opened correctly to give you endless enjoyment this summer. Throughout Mercer County, we have built a reputation for excellence that spans six decades. Our customers realize we always place them first, and that gives them peace of mind. Education is one of our goals, too, so we will walk you through the process of pool opening if this is something you’d like to learn for the next time. Our family-owned business specializes in both above ground pool or in ground pool openings, as well as hot tubs and spas. We cover the total package, and even offer weekly cleaning.
Pool opening can be an arduous task but one that is crucial to the safe operation of your unit. We know you don’t want to be bothered by opening the pool, since it’s fairly time consuming. Instead, you just want to jump into your pool come the hot weather and have a summer that’s filled with parties and family. Central Jersey Pools can help you achieve that, with our many pool opening Mercer County services. These include removal and storage of the cover, cleaning, chemical addition, filter repairs, accessory installation and water testing. We here at Central Jersey Pools know how to expertly tackle your pool opening Mercer County.

Pool Opening Mercer Services

We do so much more when it comes to pool opening Mercer County. That first pool opening of the season is imperative, as chemicals need to be balanced, filters should be backwashed and any small repairs must be performed. Following are some of our general pool opening services:

  • Remove Swimming Pool Cover
  • Remove Child Safety Fence
  • Pool Filter Service
  • Clean Salt Generator Cell
  • Chemical Balancing
  • Clean DE Filter
  • Installation of Pumps / Filters
  • Remove Water & Debris From Cover
  • Install Pool Stairs
  • Open Attached Spa

Central Jersey Pools is your first choice for comprehensive pool cleaning and opening. Even though it seems like the NJ winters last forever, spring and summer will be here before you know it. Start planning your pool opening now by checking out what our professionals handle as part of these services in your community:

  • Remove all covers, plugs and other devices
  • Start and test filter
  • Backwash filter
  • Reconnect pump to filter
  • Install drain plugs
  • Test the heater, upon request
  • Check for leaks near hardware and in the liner
  • Install handrails, diving boards and ladders
  • Analyze water samples and make adjustments

Pool opening Mercer County is so much more than cover removal. We do it all. You need to trust someone with the proper operation of your entire pool, hot tub and spa. Why not Central Jersey Pools? Our weekly cleaning and add-on services like vacuuming accommodate any budget and pool size. Call us today to  schedule your pool opening Mercer County. We can be reached at 732.462.5005 or visit our conveniently located superstore in Freehold when you need the best chemicals, replacement liners, and pool and spa accessories.

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