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For Pool Opening Monroe, we are the Ones to Rely On!

Enlisting the help of our technicians here at Central Jersey Pools brings you peace of mind you just can’t get anywhere else. We not only take off your pool cover and store it safely, we also balance out your chemicals, add water, test the filter system, and make any necessary repairs to keep your pool in the best shape possible come summer.
Central Jersey Pools, backed by 60 years in the business, is the one to look to when you require full pool opening Monroe. Yes, we know proper cover removal and storage is crucial, but there are many other jobs that make up a comprehensive pool opening. Our team is the one to handle this for you, especially when you’re busy with work, family and the daily demands of life. You can count on one of our custom packages that accommodates the size of your pool and budget. And if you have a spa or hot tub, we’ll take care of that too.
Central Jersey Pools handles weekly cleaning and maintenance as well as add-ons like vacuuming for all  residents of Monmouth County. Owning a pool and dealing with the upkeep isn’t always easy. That’s where we come in. This is what 60 years of experience in the community looks like. When you start planning for pool opening Monroe early, you save yourself the stress of this job. You can rest easy knowing you’re relying on professionals at Central Jersey Pools who do this day in, day out.


We know summer can’t come soon enough with lazy days by the pool, entertaining barbecues with friends and family, the kids splashing in the pool with delight. These are all the telltale sounds of summer. But you don’t want to deal with the hassle of pool opening Monroe or pool upkeep, right? So let us do it! You will be glad to hand over the reigns to us, with these pool opening Monroe services:

  • Thorough Pool Filter Service
  • Install Pool Stairs
  • Remove Swimming Pool Cover
  • Install Pumps / Filters
  • Chemical Balancing
  • Remove Child Safety Fence
  • Clean DE Filter
  • Open Attached Spa
  • Remove Water & Debris From Cover
  • Clean Salt Generator Cell

As your pool opening Monroe professionals, we leave no detail to chance. We take the time to ensure the whole process goes smoothly, and we use our handy checklist of services to make sure it all gets done. From drain plug installation to heater tests, there are several components of a successful pool opening. Due to our unflagging dedication to customer service, you can trust that Central Jersey Pools will take care of you with these specific services:

  • Start and test filter
  • Backwash filter
  • Check for leaks near hardware and in the liner
  • Reconnect pump to filter
  • Install drain plugs
  • Install handrails, diving boards and ladders
  • Remove all covers, plugs and other devices
  • Analyze water samples and make adjustments
  • Test the heater, upon request

We have lots of experience opening pools of all shapes and sizes throughout Monmouth County. This means you can go about your business without worrying about the hassle of this job. We take care of it all! When it comes to opening your pools, spas and hot tubs, it’s time to call Central Jersey Pools today at 732.462.5005 or try our superstore in Freehold to purchase all the chemicals, replacement liners, and pool and spa accessories you need.

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