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Beyond a Bath Tub

Beyond a Bath Tub

The purpose of the spa is different than the bath tub. One doesn’t wash in a spa. One enters a spa, and then relaxes. A spa, like a swimming pool, holds water for months, at a time. It needs regular attention to keep it clean.
Fixed, portable, indoor, and outdoor are some of the many styles spas come in. Spas may be rectangular, square, round, oval, or free form. They can also above ground, partially in ground, or fully in ground. A spa may border, but not necessarily connect to a pool.
Is your spa perfect for you? If you can submerge up to your neck, you’ll get the most benefit from your spa or hot tub. Different seating positions let you sit tall, or sink low. You need to be able to find the most comfortable positions. Choose a spa that feels right for you. Check to see how long you are comfortable in the spot. Don’t be afraid to try the spa out before you buy it.

Treating your spa right so it can serve you

Become familiar with your spa and its features. On the spa profile page, write down your spa dimensions and equipment specs from the owners operating manual. Use something erasable so you can change it if you have to. Be sure to keep the manual away from the wet environment of your spa.
With a written profile you’ll be able to give basic information to your friendly spa service person here at Central Jersey Pools. This way, we will be better able to give you advice on questions or situations that might not be handled in your spa manual.

Document equipment Information

Copy your serial and model numbers and brand names of your spa equipment. On the filter housing, a label is usually glued to the vertical side. Inside the cabinet, you’ll find little tags on your pump(s), usually on top of the motor(s). Note the brand and specs on the heater, as well. Often, you’ll find a label on the equipment pack or outside the cabinet which helps identify it.
If you are handy with tools and mechanical things, always bring and old or broken part to the dealer to match the part with its replacement. To be sure you get the right filter element, bring the old one.

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