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When is the Best Time to Buy a Pool ?

Is it best to do it right before summer, or wait till fall?

Homeowners in New Jersey who want to invest in a pool may be unsure of which time of year to make the move. Is it best to do it right before summer, or wait till fall? What about the spring? Let’s go over the ideal time to research pool companies, design your pool, and break ground. Although there’s no bad time to buy a pool, you may want to let the weather dictate you.

Buy a Pool – Spring

If it’s imperative that your family enjoys the pool during the entirety of the upcoming summer, spring is a great time to start. If you do it early enough, you can schedule the construction before all the pool contractors get booked come the hot weather. Spring is also a great time to get access to all the new products and liner designs that have just hit the market. One disadvantage to starting in spring, especially the beginning of the season, is that the weather is still unpredictable and construction could get delayed due to rains and even late season snow.

Buy a Pool – Summer

Waiting till summer hits to start planning your pool may force you in line behind other homeowners looking to do the same thing. Be prepared not to be able to use your pool till late summer/early fall, depending on the type of pool you install. Pool companies are more focused on opening pools and less on breaking ground for new construction. If you do get the pool constructed in time to enjoy during the summer, the surrounding decking and landscaping may not be done so you’ll be living in a semi-construction zone for awhile.

Buy a Pool – Fall

Well, you won’t be using your new pool at this point if you buy in the fall. However, there are several advantages to this time of year. First, you won’t be at the mercy of busy contractors; instead, pool contractors have more time to engage in new construction. Second, the weather is typically dry and more amenable to big construction projects with minimal delays. There’s no rush to the project, plus you have plenty of time to get the surrounding decking and landscaping finished before the following summer.

Buy a Pool – Winter

Unfortunately, this isn’t a great time to install a pool due to the frigid New Jersey winters that freeze up the ground. However, winter happens to be the best season to do all your research, planning, and interviewing. You can take your time getting estimates from different contractors, and you may even get a good deal since those contractors are in the middle of their slow season and are eager to secure your business.

 Mid-summer is still a perfect time to start your pool purchasing project. Call Central Jersey Pools now to get started with a design and estimate!
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