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CAN YOU MASTER SPA CARE…? It’s easy, and we can help…!

CAN YOU MASTER SPA CARE…? It’s easy, and we can help…!

Spa care can be very simple, but unintentional neglect causes most problems. The best path to success is to be consistent and uniform in testing for chemicals, treating the water, and frequently cleaning filter elements. Sometimes you KNOW what to do and are able to do in it yourself. Sometimes you will be smart to call in your spa service company. Check these articles for informative tips.

Have a great spa supplier

Some spa service people think the less you know the more business you’ll give them. We know that informed customers are more loyal and more willing to refer their friends.


Your spa or hot tub no matter its size should be a source of joy and comfort. Joy is removing the mystery from spa care. These articles will tell you how your spa system works. Comfort is the natural result of your experience in warm, circulating water!


Manage your spa as if your spa was open year round. If you close your spa for the winter, refer to the appropriate article on the site. You’ll find the generic names for many chemicals to maintain clean spa and water to solve water problems. Many different brands have the same key ingredients. You’ll be able to go into Central Jersey Pools knowing the generic chemical name and give a brief description of your problem. Central Jersey Pools can give can give you the right solution. Depend on us to recommend the right brands and forms of chemicals to treat your spa water.
We’re your partner in having your spa look and feel great. We understand the more you know the more respect you’ll have for our hard work and intelligence. At Central Jersey Pools, we know the more knowledgeable the customer, the quicker we can help you solve your problems to give you more time to enjoy your spa.
We hope these articles will help you fully enjoy the many benefits available from your spa and hot tub. Central Jersey Pools has been in business for over 50 years helping our customers realize the benefits of great outdoor living.

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