How to Close an Above Ground Pool

How to close an above ground pool

It’s that time of year when pool owners in New Jersey need to start closing their pools for the season. Winterizing your pool is important to protect your above ground pool from harm when the weather is frigid. Doing so will not only prevent damage, but it will also make opening your pool for spring…

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Why You Should Consider Adding an Above Ground Pool Deck

family siting on their above ground pool deck

There are many benefits to investing in an above ground pool — they’re cost-effective, portable, and provide your family with a means to stay cool and have fun in the hot summer. But could you make your pool even better? Consider adding a deck to your above ground pool! Here’s why. Expand Your Above Ground…

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Why an Above Ground Pool with a Deck is Perfect for Summer Fun

Why an Above Ground Pool with Deck is Perfect for Summer Fun

An above ground pool is a great addition to your backyard for summer family fun. When you add a deck around your pool, you get even more enjoyment out of it. Here’s why an above ground pool with a deck is perfect for summer fun. An above ground pool gives you all the summertime fun…

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3 Ways an Above Ground Swimming Pool Brings People Together

3 Great Ways an Above Ground Swimming Pool Brings People Together

Not everyone has the budget for an in-ground pool, but everyone deserves the quality time with family and friends that owning a pool brings. An above ground pool is a perfect choice for New Jersey families on a budget. Here are 3 ways an above ground swimming pool brings people together.  At Central Jersey Pools…

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Above Ground Pool Buying Tips

Above Ground Pool Buying Tips – Buying an above ground pool can be a tricky thing. How do you know you’re getting the best deal? It’s not just something you can quickly buy without researching it first. It takes careful consideration before making such a big investment. Here are some factors to consider in your…

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Vinyl Liners: What to Know and How Long They Last

If you are considering a vinyl liner pool, part of your concern will be to ask how long the liner will last before you have to replace it. You may be thinking of the vinyl liners that are used in above ground pools, how they get wrinkly on the bottom and have a very short…

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Above Ground or Inground Pool? I Can’t Decide!

Well, it’s safe to say you wouldn’t be the first person to wonder this. The decision on whether to install an above ground or an inground pool is a tough one. The one you ultimately choose will depend on many factors, from budget to available space in your backyard to the best time of year…

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Selling Your Home? Stage Your Pool

If you’re looking to sell your home and have a pool, you may wonder if that swimming pool adds value to your property. The answer isn’t cut and dried. It depends on many factors, such as market trends, what each buyer is looking for, and the appearance of the pool area itself. This last one…

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Swimming Pool Owners Money Saving Tips

It can get pretty expensive to own a pool! However, the joy you derive from it likely surpasses the money you’re spending. Still, it would be nice to keep some money in your wallet when you can. Here are some money-saving tips to consider: Use a solar cover: In conjunction with your pool heater, use…

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Closing an Above Ground Pool: Five Easy Steps

Labor Day signals the end of the summer season. Time to close up the pool for yet another year. This isn’t the daunting task it’s made out to be. You don’t have to waste an entire weekend closing your pool up. Just check out these five easy tips: Test the water; clean the pool: First,…

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