Vinyl Liner Repair

Vinyl Liner Repair Freehold NJ

After several years your liner can lose its elasticity, causing it to be more susceptible to tearing. Accelerators of this loss of elasticity include improper water balance and sun damage. Sun damage is tough to avoid, but many times improper water balance could have been avoided, causing your liner to last longer.             Tearing many…

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Swimming Pools: Eye, Skin & Hair Care

Swimming Pool Eye Skin Hair Care - Freehold NJ

As we enjoy swimming pools this summer, we will possibly be faced with eye & skin irritation, sunburn, and hair discoloration. The following is information to help prevent some of these problems from occurring. Eye & Skin Irritation             What causes this eye & skin irritation? We have been raised hearing the phrase “too much…

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Selecting A Swimming Pool Builder

Swimming Pool Contractor Freehold NJ

There are many good pool builders in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex area. Choosing the right one for you is important. You can rid yourself of a car that is a “lemon”, but you are stuck with a poo that is a “lemon”. If you cannot afford the type of pool or the builder of…

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Salt Water Swimming Pools

Salt Water Swimming Pools Freehold NJ

Customers often have a plethora of inquiries regarding the concept of a saltwater pool system. Questions like, “I’m allergic to chlorine, is a saltwater pool chlorine-free?” and “Are saltwater pools more expensive than regular pools?” can be answered in the following paragraphs.            A saltwater pool does not completely differ from…

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Pool Stains

Swimming Pool Stains Freehold NJ

Most every pool owner has experienced pool staining at one time or another. Stains are usually either organic or metallic in nature. Organic stains develop when leaves, pecans, or the like, sit on the pool floor for an extended period of time. Metallic stains typically occur when the pH becomes too low, corroding the heater…

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Polaris Troubleshooting

Polaris Troubleshooting Freehold NJ

An automated pool cleaner is a vacuum cleaner intended to collect debris and sediment from swimming pools with minimal human intervention. There are several brands of these automatic cleaners, but the most common, and the one that we carry, is called a Polaris. In addition, there are several different models of Polaris pool cleaners, but…

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Phosphates Freehold NJ

What are phosphates?             Phosphates are pollutants, which provide a constant food source for algae. hat causes high phosphate levels?             There are many causes oh high phosphate levels, which includes: Rain Fertilizer Swimmer waste Decaying vegetation Municipal water Cosmetic items on bathers Other pool chemicals             Phosphates can contaminate your pool anytime any of…

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Is my swimming pool leaking?

Swimming Pool Leaking Freehold NJ

A common question that we hear from swimming pool owners has to do with water loss or leaks. Depending on the atmospheric conditions, you will lose up to ½ “ of water per 24 hour period through evaporation. Most of the time it will be less than this but it should never be more (assuming…

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Hot Tubs: How to purchase and how to finance

In the fast-paced society that we live in, it seems to be getting more difficult to find quality time to spend with family and friends. Tradition says that we should take a vacation to solve this problem, but even a vacation can create a whole new set of problems: cost, time pressures, travel pressures, security,…

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Different Types of Pool Filters

There are three main different types of filters. Sand             Sand is the easiest type of filter to maintain. Sand filters can filter down to 40 microns. Trapped dirt builds up in the sand until the water flow is greatly restricted, and makes it difficult for the filter to do its job. Then, the system…

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