Determining The Size, Depth And Location of A Swimming Pool

Pool Size Freehold NJ

Most any year, regardless of its size, shape, or slope, can be fitted with a beautiful swimming pool. There are many factors concerning size, shape, and depth of pool that you need to consider before installing a pool. Following are some considerations to look at, all of which a pool designer will be glad to…

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Considering A Swimming Pool?

There are many things to consider when thinking about pool ownership.             A swimming pool is definitely not for everyone, and we do not believe that everyone should have a swimming pool. Owning a swimming pool is a commitment, much like having a motor home, boat, or lake house. For many pool owners, it is…

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Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

Cleaning Your Swimming Pool Freehold NJ

Cleaning procedures are a vital part of keeping a pool safe and beautiful. Cleaning the pool regularly and thoroughly will make the pool operate most efficiently and will lengthen the life of the pool structure and its filtration equipment. Following is a list of pool maintenance tools and how to use them to maintain a…

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Cleaning Your Filter

Cleaning Your Pool Filter Freehold NJ

In order for pools to remain clean and clear, they must be both biologically clean and physically clean. Biologically clean water is water that is free from harmful bacteria. Biologically clean water is achieved by maintaining proper water chemistry. Physically clean water is water that is free of particulate matter (particles and contaminants In the…

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Cleaning A Cartridge Filter

Cleaning a Filter Cartridge Freehold NJ

The filter type that is rapidly growing in popularity is the cartridge filter. The reason that it is becoming more popular is that it is inexpensive, fairly simple to operate, and no backwashing is required. Since no backwashing is required (and thus no water loss), many municipalities prefer that cartridge filters are used to prevent…

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Basic Pool Troubleshooting

Swimming Pool Troubleshooting Freehold NJ

The following are some basic tips for troubleshooting your swimming pool. If you do not understand or have further problems, it is our suggestion to schedule a service call. So that one of our service technicians can come to your hose to fix the problem. Question: My pump won’t prime (no water is going thru…

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Basic Pool Care

Pool Care Freehold NJ

At Central Jersey Pools, we believe that there are five keys to pool care: Circulation Make sure that your pump is circulating at least 10 hours per day during the swim season. The longer the pool water is in motion, the harder it is for bacteria and algae to take hold and grow. Filtration Filtration…

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Basic Pool Care Using Biguanide (Baquacil)

One of he most commonly used alternatives to chlorine is Biguanide, which is based on European technology and has been used in the Denton area since approximately the late 1980’s. it is a disinfection system that is incompatible with chlorine, bromine, non-chlorine chock, copper based algaecides, as well as other chemicals.             The Biguanide disinfectant…

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Backwashing A Sand Filter

Pool Sand Filter Freehold NJ

Probably the second most common type of filter in the Freehold area is a sand filter. Sand filters are the oldest types of filter-they were used in ancient times. They are typically very reliable and are easy to operate. The concept of a sand filter is fairly simple-sand filters are approximately 2/3 full of sand…

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Backwashing A DE Filter

Backwashing a DE Filter Freehold NJ

One of the most common types of filters in the Denton area is a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter. DE filters can filter down to less than 5 microns, which is very small. For example, a grain of salt is approximately 100 microns and the human eye can see down to approximately 40 microns.             Diatomaceous…

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