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Considering A Swimming Pool?

There are many things to consider when thinking about pool ownership.
            A swimming pool is definitely not for everyone, and we do not believe that everyone should have a swimming pool. Owning a swimming pool is a commitment, much like having a motor home, boat, or lake house. For many pool owners, it is hard for them to consider not having a swimming pool. We have clients that build a pool every time they move-they simply must a pool. On the other hand, there are pool owners that would probably be better off without a swimming pool. Not taking the time to enjoy, or maintain, the pool are the primary reasons that some people are simply better off without a swimming pool.
Following are some pros and cons of pool ownership: 


            This is the reason that happens to fits most of us the best. Being able to enjoy family activities at home goes a long way with most of us.
            Relaxing by the pool is another common reason that pools continue to be popular. Poolside reading and meditating are popular activities that are usually not considered when purchasing a pool, but surprisingly so, are very common once the pool is installed.
            This has become an increasingly popular reason to own a swimming pool. Lap swimming and water aerobics are very common, but these are also medical benefits. A few of these include weight control and heart and lung conditioning.
            Being able to stay home to beat the heat is much more desirable than having to get in the car to go to another location to enjoy a swimming pool. Nothing satisfies the mind and body more than a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot day after mowing or working in the yard.
            Backyard cookouts become even better when you have a pool to keep the guest entertained. In addition, celebrating birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays, you name it; there is no better place to celebrate a special occasion than poolside.
            Pools have evolved into being the centerpiece of the backyard. From waterfalls to dark bottom pools, today’s consumers are adding the natural look to their backyard, by creating a tropical paradise right at home.


            People are so busy that having something that they do not use doesn’t make sense. Pools need attention, and we try to tell people that if they can’t come up with at least one hour per week that they could care for their pool, then they probably do not have enough time for a pool. In the fall when the leaves are falling it takes more than one hour per week. If you do not enjoy taking care of your yard, you will probably not enjoy taking care of a pool.
            There are several costs of owning a swimming pool. Typically pools are financed- a $25,000 loan at 9% for 15 years creates a monthly payment of approximately $250. In addition, monthly chemical and utility costs (electricity and water) are approximately $75 for the average-sized residential pool. That makes the cost approximately $375 per month. If you do not use the pool, or could use the money elsewhere, then purchasing a swimming pool is probably not a wise financial move.
            We often hear the comment that if they had a pool, they would be home more or they would exercise. If you really believe that you would, maybe you are correct. Most of the time, simply getting a pool does not change your lifestyle any more than buying a pair of running shoes makes you a runner. Sometimes it does, but not every time. 
– The information in this brochure is true and complete to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee on the part of Central Jersey Pools, or on the part of any of its employees who disclaim all liability incurred with the use of this information.
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