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Hot Tub Buyers Guide

Buying a hot tub can seem overwhelming with so many models and options. This guide will help you through the process from start to finish. Read our in-depth guide to learn everything you need to know about buying the right hot tub for you.

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Hot Tub Benefits

Ahh, the joys of a hot tub. Melting away your stress one bubble at a time, hot tubs can be your place of serenity where you can recharge your batteries and de-stress.

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Jacuzzi® - Select The Right Size

View our various models to select the perfect size for your family. Jacuzzi® leads the industry by offering a hot tub collection that makes hydro-therapy available to anyone. 

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Covana Hot Tub Cover

Want to know the key to happiness? All you need is the key to your Covana hot tub cover. One quick turn and you’re whisked away to paradise.

Learn About The Covana Hot Tub Cover

Enjoy a Backdrop of Paradise with One Key: Covana Hot Tub Covers

Want to know the key to happiness? All you need is the key to your Covana hot tub cover. One quick turn and you’re whisked away to paradise, no matter what the season is in your backyard. No more struggling with a cumbersome lever, trying to get your cover on just right. No more worries about clearing snow and debris, all the while breaking your back trying to get it to fit correctly. Now, you have another, more convenient option that allows you to get to the fun faster.
In every season, in every climate, rely on Covana hot tub and spa covers. This trusted name in covers is the one to turn to when you need a top-of-the-line spa cover in NJ that provides the highest insulation.

value at the most affordable cost. Simply turn a key and your cover secures tightly in only 20 seconds. More than just hot tub covers, Covana sells a comprehensive automated gazebo that allows you to enjoy your surroundings in max comfort, safety and privacy. You spent a lot of money for your spa and hot tub. Why not enjoy it to the fullest, with an easy-to-use cover that takes the stress out of the process? Comprised of state of the art materials, your Covana hot tub cover resists the elements so you can save money in the long run. No more high maintenance costs, no more high water and heating bills. Just comfort and convenience, all at your fingertips.
Looking for hot tubs in NJ or spas in NJ? Covana has your solution with a complete line of covers to fit any size hot tub or spa you may have. With a wide variety of solutions, Covana truly has something for everyone from square units between 7’ to 8’ to rectangular units between 8’ x 9’ to 8’ x 11’ to round hot tubs up to 8’. This means no matter what size unit you have, there’s a Covana cover for you. Our customized solutions match your budget, style and size requirements without breaking the bank.
Take advantage of this refined design to give your hot tub or spa that streamlined look with tight coverage that won’t let you down. New Jersey is known for its harsh winters and volatile seasons throughout the year. You need something that will provide the utmost protection in all seasons for peace of mind. Get the best in elegant, luxurious innovation from Covana today!

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