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Discover the Benefits of Pool Safety Covers

Your swimming pool is your part of your backyard oasis. The water is clear and the temperature is just right. You’ve worked hard to maintain the pool and keep it clean—and its beauty reflects your efforts. But without warning, the wind picks up overnight. When you wake in the morning, your stunning swimming pool is a pitiful pond full of debris, leaves and bugs. There goes your personal paradise!
If only you had planned ahead and looked into the benefits of pool covers. The good news? It’s never too late to visit the local swimming pool supplies store and cover your pool. If you’re curious about the benefits of an above ground pool safety cover or inground pool safety covers, check out these five reasons that’s a smart move.

5 Reasons Pool Safety Covers Are A Must-Have 

1. Pool covers help slow or stop evaporation.
We all learned about the process of evaporation in school. It’s when a liquid changes into a vapor. Well, that’s exactly what you can expect to occur with your pool water every day you don’t cover it up from time to time. Using an above ground pool safety cover or inground pool safety covers when the pool isn’t in use can slow down or even stop the process.
2. Pool safety covers help retain heat.
Are you very particular about the temperature of your swimming pool water? Do you have a heated pool? Covering your swimming pool at night will actually help to limit the amount of heat loss. If your pool relies on the sun for heat, pool covers can help keep the water warm when the overnight temperatures start to plunge.
3. Keep out dirt and debris.
While trusty swimming pool supplies like the skimmer and vacuum go a long way in keeping your pool clean, nothing beats a safety cover for regular maintenance. Who wants to spend their afternoon chasing down the bugs, twigs and leaves that are bound to blow into the water when you can rely pool covers to do the work for you?
4. Cut down on the chemicals.
Who enjoys the red eyes and harsh odors that accompany a nice afternoon swim? An above ground pool safety cover and inground pool safety covers actually reduce the consumption of pool chemicals by 30-60 percent! And when it comes to the variety of reactions and irritations they can cause, less chemicals sounds quite refreshing!
5. Save money and lower your energy costs.
Start using pool safety covers and you’ll find immediate savings. You don’t have to use as many swimming pool supplies and chemicals, and you’ll use less water. And when it comes to energy, pool covers can help save energy whether electricity, gas or solar heats your pool.
You have lots of choices when it comes to pool safety covers, so it’s wise to partner with a swimming pool supplies company with professionals who can help you choose the right style, install the cover or teach you the proper way to install it yourself. And remember, whether you buy an above ground pool safety cover or inground pool safety covers, safety is key. Be sure it’s tied down tightly, and keep children and pets away during the process. 

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