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Wood Pizza Ovens

Real Wood-Fired Cooking; Real Easy

Primavera Datasheet

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The Primavera Series is a family of fully-assembled pizza ovens. These innovative ovens deliver a true Italian wood-fired cooking experience in a package designed to fit in almost any backyard or patio—and most budgets. Using high-tech refractories and space-age insulators, the Primavera ovens strike the perfect balance between capability/performance, and size/weight. Both ovens require virtually zero assembly, and they can be set up without specialized tools or equipment.
primaveraThe Primavera ovens are available in two sizes: the Primavera60 offers a 24” cooking floor, while the Primavera70 delivers more cooking space with a 28” cooking floor. Both ovens are available with or without a metal stand, so that it can be either placed on a deck or patio, or installed on a custom stand or grill island.

These assembled ovens are the right choice for homeowners who do not have the space, time or budget for a larger wood oven, but still want to enjoy authentic wood-fired cooking, Vera Pizza Napoletana and hearth bread. The Primavera60’s 24” internal round cooking floor is large enough for true “fire-in-the-oven” pizza baking and roasting, where the 28” Primavera70 oven is capable of baking multiple pizzas at a time, and handling a larger number of roasting pans or loaves of bread.

Both ovens features a 6” oven landing, which is perfect for keeping food warm, and for holding pots and roasting pans as they go in and out of the oven.
p70_320The ovens also include a traditional Italian-style vent and chimney. The chimney is essential to proper oven operation, allowing efficient heat movement for authentic high-heat cooking. On a practical note, it keeps hot air and smoke away from the chef, and keeps the front of the oven less sooty.

The Primavera oven’s attractive and weather-proof black powder-coated metal stand can be set up using a wrench.
Using commercial-grade refractories and insulators, the Primavera ovens combine fast heat-up (as quick as 20 minutes) with excellent heat-holding capabilities. The outer shell of the oven stays cool, while the oven chamber easily maintains 750ºF plus, to bake authentic Italian pizza in two minutes. The oven dome and floor are rated for operation at temperatures up to 2300ºF—far greater than the oven would ever reach.

The oven includes a steel door with a thermometer. Optional accessories include a pizza placing peel, a round turning peel, an oven brush, oven rake, oven shovel and infrared thermometer

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