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Get Rid of Pool Foam Once and For All

<h2>There are many reasons why pool foam can occur…</h2>
If you see foam in your pool, this is because the water is thick, which in turn makes bubbles. Those bubbles get into the return jets and make even more bubbles as they are blown back in. There are many reasons why pool foam can occur:
<li>Shampoo, gel and mousse</li>
<li>Lotions, deodorants and cosmetics</li>
<li>Laundry detergent</li>
<li>Pool chemicals (either cheap ones or too much)</li>
<em><strong>Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid pool foam:</strong></em>
<li>Use non-foaming algaecide.</li>
<li>Buy higher quality chemicals.</li>
<li>Insist on swimmers taking showers before jumping in the pool.</li>
<li>Make sure chemicals are properly balanced.</li>
<li>Shock the pool.</li>
<em><strong>As always, Central Jersey Pools is standing by if you need help with pool foam removal or any other matter.</strong></em>

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