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Great Things About Swim Spas

Offers more benefits than your standard pool such as muscle relief and lap training.

Perhaps you’ve heard of swim spas but aren’t really sure what they are. Also called exercise spas, these systems give you the ideal opportunity to get in a solid workout while immersed in water. Featuring an active current, this unit (which is smaller than a swimming pool) offers more benefits than your standard pool such as muscle relief and lap training.


If you want a swimming pool but don’t have small kids and aren’t interested in the expense of maintaining a large inground pool, consider a swim spa or exercise spa. These units are ideal for those who want to relax after a long day and feel the jets of water relieve muscle and joint pain. Walking against the current provides a gentle resistance to which you can get relief from injury or chronic pain.


Swim spas are also perfect for those who like to compete in swimming. Rather than fill up a whole backyard with a large lap pool for practicing, a swim spa offers the chance to stay in one position while actively swimming against the current. You’re getting the same workout but in less space. Kids especially can train well in this type of environment. With its strong cardio and weight loss benefits, swim spas make the ideal exercise vessel.

Easy on the Joints

Those with joint pain, especially older adults, may tend to avoid walking or jogging on pavement and treadmills due to the harsh impact this has on the knees. But walking against a current while in water softens that impact and allows anyone to get a good workout in without the added stress to the joints.


Depending on the model you get, you can install a swim spa that features a separate side for simple relaxation. This way, the current is on one side for active exercising while the other side allows users to sit, chat and enjoy a cold drink. Some swim spas are modular, which means they can be disassembled and brought into the indoors. This is ideal for the winter months if you have the space such as in a basement.


Some parents feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of a large inground swimming pool with slides and diving boards. It’s easy to lose track of children, especially during parties, in a big pool. This is why many parents choose to install exercise spas because they’re smaller and provide an easier supervision experience.


Typically, swim spas cost less than inground pools. There is little to no site excavation needed like with an inground pool, and the unit is smaller which saves on cost as well.
In terms of functional and health benefits, the swim spa is a superior choice over standard swimming pools. This will all depend on the space you have, your health needs and your budget.

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