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Now’s the time to invest in a generator that meets your budget and home needs

If you just can’t stomach another harsh New Jersey winter and all the power outages that go along with it, now’s the time to invest in a generator that meets your budget and home needs. Your family will stay safe and warm if a storm were to hit the area, and you just can’t put a price on that peace of mind. No one wants to have to hit up family and friends to take a shower or cook a meal. When you have your own generator, you can fire it up when the power goes out and rely on yourselves to stick it out during a storm. You can power your lights, heat and appliances so that you don’t miss a beat. That being said, it can be overwhelming choosing just the right home generator for you.

Power Needs

In terms of power, you’ll have to decide how much you want or need. If you’re happy with just a few lights and some heat, go with the basics. If you want the complete package so you can keep all the lights running, along with the heating system, the water and appliances, you’ll need something a bit more powerful. With many makes and models on the market, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one to meet your budgetary needs. The one you select will depend on how much of an investment you want to make in terms of the work it takes to operate the unit as well as the amount you can afford. Choosing a simpler system featuring extension cords and transfer switches will allow you to save money because these types are cheaper than automatic generators. But this also means you’ll have to dedicate more time and hassle in setting it up outside when needed, hooking up the cords and connecting it.

Safety and Convenience

Automatic systems running on natural gas or propane make for a safer and more convenient method requiring little to no participation on your part when it comes to operation. These types of generators turn on by themselves immediately after a power outage. The upside to these self-monitoring units is that they generate power in a fast, quiet and efficient manner so you don’t have to worry about connecting it and firing it up. In fact, you don’t even have to be home for this to occur. You’ll spend more on these units, though, and installation by a qualified professional is imperative.

Battery Life

Battery inverted systems offer the quietest operation of all the options and don’t emit harmful exhaust like a gas engine would. Store them seamlessly in your basement and enjoy their long life span. You don’t even have to do much to keep them going. But, the downside to battery generator systems is that they work best only for short outage periods because they don’t feature a large wattage. Therefore, you’re missing out on the raw horsepower inherent in the above models.
Deciding on the best home generator or whole house generator for you won’t happen over night. You need to put a lot of research into the process before settling on the right one. Just be sure to enlist the help of a qualified professional in your area to install the unit you choose for the ultimate in safety and peace of mind.

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