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Hot Tub Benefits

Ahh, the joys of a hot tub. Melting away your stress one bubble at a time, hot tubs can be your place of serenity where you can recharge your batteries and de-stress. However, that’s just one of the many benefits afforded by hot tubs for your home. Let’s take a look at all the advantages that come with hot tub ownership:

Stress Relief

Work…family…friends…school…stress comes from so many different places, and sometimes all at once. At the end of a long day, relieving that stress is just what the doctor ordered. Tap into your body’s natural endorphins that are released with warm water massage. Relieve your tense muscles, headaches, and insomnia with a good soak in your hot tub. No need to spend big money on massages at the spa. Your hot tub can do all the hard work for you.
The warm water itself can have tremendous stress-relieving qualities. The warmth of the water circulates blood deep into your muscle tissue, causing your muscles to relax.
Health Benefits
Warm water therapy and its associated benefits have been documented for centuries, with evidence as far back as 4,000 years ago showing ancient Egyptians took hot therapeutic baths, with such hot tubs crafted of chiseled granite – fit only for a king. In this country, our modern-day hot tubs got their inspiration from the many natural hot springs around – in which Native Americans, in particular, were the first to partake in.
Wooden hot tubs became popular in the 1960s on the West Coast, and the idea spread quickly through the rest of the country. Today, many people seeking the physical health benefits of hydrotherapy flock to spas. Together, heat, buoyancy, and massage can all contribute to your well-being. Health benefits include:

  • Increased energy
  • Better circulation
  • Detoxification
  • Joint pain relief
  • Arthritis pain relief
  • Headache prevention
  • Sleep improvement
  • Muscle pain relief
  • Improved cardio health

Many athletes, trainers and therapists swear by the rehabilitative benefits of warm water therapy. From amateur to professional athletes, muscle injuries are a fact of life. By soaking in a hot tub, you’re boosting your heart rate while lowering blood pressure. Hydrotherapy can help alleviate muscle and joint pain, particularly in the lower back, knees and neck. Healing sports injuries is made much easier when you make a hot tub a part of your daily routine.

Better Sleep
Did you know 60 million Americans have difficulty falling and stay asleep? Lack of sleep has its own detriments, manifesting itself in memory problems, higher stress levels, more headaches, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, and depression. The National Sleep Foundation says taking a soak in your hot tub right before bed can help you achieve a deeper, more restorative sleep. Nix the prescription sleeping pills and invest in a hot tub instead! Get started by calling Central Jersey Pools or coming down to see our showroom. We have the perfect model for you!

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