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Hot Tub Chemistry

<h2>Hot Tub Chemistry</h2>
Even fluorinated and chlorinated water left unattended will become infested with bacteria, algae, mold, and other pathogens. Sweat and other body fluids cause to sanitizer to deteriorate and become ineffective faster.
Some questions you should ask yourself are: how often should I check the sanitizer in the How DO I check the hot tub water? What should I add to the water? How much should I add to the water?
Hot tubs need consistent amounts of certain chemicals and sanitizers to keep the water clean and haze free. It is a good idea to occasionally add fresh water to account for the loss from evaporation and spillage. We also advise you to drain and refill your hot tub at least every 6 months.
The chemistry of your hot tub is unique to your tub. It constantly changes as different chemicals are used to prevent organisms from growing. The mineral content and bacteria count of the water vary widely from hot tub to hot tub. In an area with a high air temperature, the hot tub water will evaporate faster, and therefore will require chemicals more frequently. The proper amount of chemicals for your hot tub will likely vary from time to time.
There are 3 major factors which affect the chemicals required for your hot tub. The number of gallons (or liters) of water, the amount of people using the hot tub, and the amount of time people spend in the hot tub. The chemicals in the water are further affected by heat sunlight and filter efficiency

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