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Hot Tub East Brunswick – A Hot Tub or Spa Will Help You Relax

For lower stress levels and better muscle relief, a hot tub or spa is essential to your well-being in East Brunswick. If you’ve been kidding yourself that a hot tub is a luxury item you can’t afford, it’s time you took a look at just how convenient and affordable they can be. Plus, you can’t put a price on your health! In fact, research has shown that there are several therapeutic and recreational benefits when it comes to spas and hot tubs, resulting in relaxation and warmth that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. Not only do you get a great cardiovascular workout, you can also melt away your stress after a long day.
If you live in East Brunswick, visit or call Central Jersey Pools for high-quality spas and hot tubs. We’re the largest of our kind around, offering 45 makes and models to choose from within a vast showroom in Freehold. Because we give you so many options on proven brand names from the best manufacturers in the industry, you get peace of mind knowing whichever one you choose, you’re getting a fantastic deal.

Hot Tub East Brunswick – Sunrise Spas

We pride ourselves on only offering top-quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. That means we only sell and install the best manufacturers. One of those manufacturers we can all trust is Sunrise Spas. Featuring the latest innovations that give you more out of your hot tub with little need for maintenance, you can count on Sunrise hot tubs to give you:

• Multicolored LED lights for chromatherapy purposes
• Ergonomically-enhanced designs
• A variety of jets and controls designed for optimal hydrotherapy
• High-quality insulation and filtration system to reduce maintenance as well as operating costs

The benefits of Sunrise spas last throughout the year, no matter what the weather is doing outside. In fact, our spas and hot tubs are ideal even in the winter as you escape the cold of the night air and hop into a soothing, hot bath filled with bubbly jets.

Hot Tub East Brunswick – Artesian Spas

When you’ve had a long stressful day at work, school or just shuttling the kids around, doesn’t it sound good to take a soak in a hot tub? Your VERY OWN hot tub? Of course. That’s why we offer you spas and hot tubs in East Brunswick designed for comfort and all budgets thanks to Artesian Spas. These products work to complement your lifestyle and health, providing you with unparalleled comfort, luxury, and peace of mind. From the low end to the high end, we cater to every budget. This means everyone can benefit from the soothing jets and warm water of Artesian spas designed to lessen muscle tension and boost relaxation.

Hot Tub East Brunswick – TidalFit Swim Spa

Are you an avid swimmer who likes to get in all the extra training you can get? Do you just want to sit and relax? We’ve got the solution for you with TidalFit swim spas. Perfect for our East Brunswick homeowners, you can get in a solid workout in water via a constant current that challenges you to swim in one place. No need for a large lap pool anymore!
With TidalFit swim spas, you get:

• Muscle relief
• Relaxation
• Cardiovascular workout
• Arthritis and joint relief
• Lap training

Check out our showroom in Freehold today to see our hot tubs and spas in person. You can also call us at 732-462-5005 to schedule your free in-home consultation. For superior hot tubs in East Brunswick, make the right choice today!

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