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Holmdel Homeowners: Take the Next Step in Luxury Living

With 60 years of experience serving valued customers just like you, Central Jersey Pools is proud to offer a variety of spas and hot tubs in Holmdel. Hot tubs are an essential element of life if you’re a swimmer or athlete of any kind, need relief from aching muscles due to injury, or have a stressful job. Melt away your stress and anxiety or reinvent your workout with our full line of top-quality spas and hot tubs Holmdel. With several therapeutic and recreational benefits, spas and hot tubs can provide you with a great cardiovascular workout. Plus, they just plain feel good!

Hot Tub Holmdel

If you’re a Holmdel resident, you’re within Central Jersey Pools’ service area for all makes and models of top-notch spas and hot tubs. Thanks to a huge showroom in Freehold and a big online presence, we can offer you a variety of products that suits your lifestyle and budget. Boasting only the top manufacturers, you can rest assured you’re being treated right when you come to us.
Artesian Spas
You probably love taking a soak in the hot tub when you’re on vacation, right? What if you had your very own hot tub Holmdel or spa Holmdel in your backyard that you could slip into whenever you wanted? Artesian Spas has your solution with products that work hard to complement your daily exercise and stress relief routines. Our spas and hot tubs Holmdel are designed for all comfort, budget and ability levels, so virtually anyone can enjoy them. With hot tubs that cater to every budget, we can connect you with the perfect Artesian spa.
TidalFit Swim Spa
You don’t have to be an avid swimmer to enjoy a TidalFit Swim Spa. All you have to do is strive for total relaxation and muscle relief. Of course, these spas are definitely ideal for athletes of all kinds, and work well for training purposes without the need for a large lap pool. Swim against an active current to get the most out of your workout.
Choose TidalFit for:

  • Muscle relief
  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Arthritis and joint pain relief
  • Lap training

Sunrise Spas
Our superior customer service extends to all brands we sell, including Sunrise Spas, putting innovation at the forefront. Cut down on maintenance tasks and increase your enjoyment of Sunrise spas and hot tubs Holmdel thanks to:

  • High-quality insulation and filtration system
  • Multicolored LED lights: chromatherapy
  • Jets and controls: hydrotherapy
  • Ergonomically-enhanced designs for your comfort

All the spas and hot tubs we sell and install are meant for all kinds of weather, lasting the test of time thanks to high durability and reliability. See what we mean when you visit our superstore in Freehold. Check out our spas and hot tubs, accessories and much more. For a free in-home consultation, call 732-462-5005.

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