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Hot Tub Sanitizing Systems – Biguanide and Bromine

Hot Tub Sanitizing Systems – Biguanide and Bromine

The main sanitizing systems for hot tubs are biguanide, bromine, chlorine, mineral, ozone, and ionizers.

Brands of Chemicals

Some brands of chemicals are better than others. Here at Central Jersey Pools, we can recommend the best brands for your specific hot tub. There are several different formulas of chlorine, and they may not be labeled as different. Just because they say chlorine does not mean they are compatible with each other.

Biguanide Systems

Biguanides, pronounced BY-GWAN-EYEDS, are a system which has to active agents, sanitizer and shock.
Biguanides are a non-chlorine sanitizer which is unaffected by excessive heat or sunlight. This means that they do not disintegrate any faster in hot weather or water. It is recommended that biguanide be kept at 30 to 50ppm, or parts per million.
Biguanides are a long-chain polymer which cuts off nutrients to organic matter so it dies. The resulting organic waste is burned off by using a type of shock called hydrogen peroxide. Higher levels of hydrogen peroxide can cause irritation to the skin and eyes. We advise you to check the levels of the chemicals before every use and at least twice per week.

Bromine Systems

Bromine is a relatively common sanitizer used in hot tubs. They are commonly used in tablet form. Tablets should always be placed in a dispenser to dissolve the bromine evenly throughout the hot tub. Bromine is milder than chlorine, and it requires about twice as much to properly sanitize. One advantage bromine has over chlorine is that bromine continues to sanitize after it has been combined with ammonia, such as perspiration, to form bromamines. Bromamines can be removed by shocking the water with fast dissolving chlorine.

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