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Hot Tub Sanitizing Systems – Ionizers and Ozone Systems

Hot Tub Sanitizing Systems – Ionizers and Ozone Systems



Silver and copper naturally release ions when exposed to water. These ions are attracted to bacteria and algae. If a low voltage current is passed through the water, the process of ions being released is accelerated. By using electricity, ionizers do not depend on the erosion of minerals. A small amount of sanitizer is required to keep the hot tub properly sanitized. 1ppm of chlorine or 2ppm of bromine is the recommended amount. Note: silver is not compatible with bromine.

Ozone Systems

An ozone system can act as both an add-on to supplement another system, or as a main sanitizing system. Ozone systems require a disinfectant to burn of residual waste. Ozone is a form of oxygen gas which is used to oxidize organic compounds, kill bacteria, and removes the odor from water. It also makes other sanitizers more efficient. Ozone is generated and injected into the hot tub plumbing by an ozonator.
There are two common types of ozonators, the ultraviolet lamp and the corona discharge. They are added to the hot tub’s return line after being heated and filtered.
Ozone only circulates while the pump is turned on. No oxidizing takes place when the pump is off.
Ozone systems also require a supplement of chlorine, bromine, or biguanide. Sanitizers act as residual disinfectants. They also help to sanitize while the pump and ozonator are not running.

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