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Hot Tubs: How to purchase and how to finance

In the fast-paced society that we live in, it seems to be getting more difficult to find quality time to spend with family and friends. Tradition says that we should take a vacation to solve this problem, but even a vacation can create a whole new set of problems: cost, time pressures, travel pressures, security, pet care, crowds, etc. many of us really enjoy going places but increasingly just want to be at home with our families.
            One way to solve this is to consider owning your own hot tub, often called a spa. Many hot tub owners see owning a hot tub as going on a vacation and relaxing at home, without the hassles of taking a vacation. It allows them to spend time relaxing with the people in their life that matter most, their family and friends.
            Few of us can deny the pleasure of relaxing in a hot tub, but for many hot tube owners, their hot tub also offers a break from joint and muscle pain as well as potentially better health. We have all known a situation where a hot tub has been used for rehabilitation, such as for joint care or for fighting lower back pain. Although these appear to be some medical benefits to hot tub use, consumers should check with their personal physician before using a hot tub.
            Couple the relaxation benefits with the health benefits, and the question becomes, why not own a hot tub? There are many things to consider when deciding on just the right hot tube for your needs.

How to purchase a hot tub
            Buying a hot tube is a decision that you should not feel rushed or pressured into. It is important to take your time and ask plenty of questions. As with most major purchasing decisions, knowledge is everything. Following are some questions that you should consider when shopping for the hot tub.

The hot tub
            How was the spa constructed?
            How is the seating configured?
            Are you able to move about easily in the hot tube?
            What is the warranty on the shell of the hot tub?

The hot tub equipment, jets and controls
            Are the controls user friendly?
            Do the jets & controls allow you to customize what jets are operating?
            How loud are the jets & the pumps?
            What are the electrical requirements to operate the hot tub?
            What is the warranty on the equipment & control systems, are there exclusions?

The manufacturer
            How long has the manufacturer been in business?
            What is their reputation?
            Do they have a warranty situation in the area?

The dealer
            How long has the dealer been in business?
            Do they service what they sell?
            Are they a warranty station for the hot tubs that they sell?
These are just a few of the purchasing decisions that one must consider. Another consideration is how to pay for the hot tub.

Hot tub financing
            Attractive financing currently offered by banks and finance companies make hot tub ownership easier than ever before, allowing you to pay out the purchase of the hot tub over several years. This option allows you to begin using a hot tub immediately and pay later.
            There are just a few of the purchasing decisions that one must consider. Taking your time to really research the purchase will pay dividends over the long haul, allowing you to create a “vacation in your backyard” that will last for many years, 

– The information in this brochure is true and complete to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee on the part of Central Jersey Pools, or on the part of any of its employees who disclaim all liability incurred with the use of this information.
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