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Exercise Smarter From the Hot Tub – Hot Tubs Marlboro, Portable Spas Howell, NJ

These days, maintaining health and well being is an important goal, as people are living longer than ever before. For longevity, youthfulness, and vitality long into senior years, regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, as we age, so do our muscles and joints, making traditional exercise challenging, even painful. There is some good news because a hot tub can make exercise easier than ever. Here are a few reasons why using a hot tub to exercise is a smart idea.
Buoyancy Cushions Joints – Even without arthritis, as we age, our joints aren’t as protected as they used to be. Over time, cartilage and bone wear down, causing pain and discomfort. Even a simple walk can cause pain making it nearly impossible to benefit from even light cardiovascular exercise. A hot tub is a fantastic way to relieve the pressure placed on joints from body weight. It’s called buoyancy, and it’s that feeling of weightlessness that you experience when submerged in water. Buoyancy reduces body weight by as much as 90 percent. And that means you can move without any discomfort at all. For safe, pain free and cushioned exercise, a hot tub is a smart choice.
Heat Relaxes and Loosens Stiff Muscles – There’s a reason why athletes stretch before every performance. It’s important to stretch cold muscles to loosen and relax for optimal performance. As we age, our muscles wear down, and stretching alone cannot promote flexibility or make them limber enough to engage in exercise. The elevated temperature of hot tub water is just the right amount of heat to relax and loosen stiff muscles to allow for easier movement. That means more flexibility, increased range of motion, and the ability to exercise for longer periods of time without muscle fatigue.
Safe and Convenient – One of the biggest problems seniors face when it comes to exercise is finding a safe place to move around. In most cases, health clubs have classes that are designed to meet the needs of seniors, but that involves driving and getting to classes can be inconvenient. A hot tub is the perfect solution for secure and convenient exercise from the comfort of home. Many hot tubs are deep enough to stand in or secure a chair for seated exercise. With on-demand access and a safe, secure environment, exercise in the hot tub just makes sense.
Aging doesn’t have to be limiting. When it comes to maintaining health and fitness, many seniors find it easier and far more convenient to work out from the comforts of their very own hot tub. With buoyancy to cushion joints and heat to relax and loosen muscles, exercise in the hot tub is fun, painless, and safe.
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