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How Often To Backwash a DE Filter

Sand, cartridge, and DE filters are all options to keep contaminants out of swimming pool water. DE filters are a popular choice due to their ability to filter out the tiniest of particles. Because they are different from other filters, owners may wonder exactly how often to backwash a DE filter.

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Below we discuss exactly what it is and how to backwash a DE filter as well as how often to do it.

What is a DE Filter?

A DE filter is known in the industry as a “water polisher”.

DE is an acronym for “Diatomaceous Earth”. A DE filter system is able to trap the smallest of contaminants in your pool’s water.

Because of this, they are considered one of the best filtration systems and are known in the industry as “water polishers”.

DE is a granular material composed of fossilized, spongy, microscopic organisms. This material is able to absorb minute contaminants and filter water.

Sand and DE filters work similarly to each other. Both pump water through the material to capture particles. However, a DE filter is able to trap contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye.

Like a sand filter, they need to be backwashed. And, like a cartridge filter, the grids on a DE filter need to be rinsed clean.

Both tasks are relatively easy, simple, and efficient for keeping your pool crisp and clean.

How to Backwash a DE Filter

How to backwash a DE filter? It’s easy.

  1. Turn the pool pump off.
  2. Move knob to backwash.
  3. Turn on and backwash until the water runs clear.
  4. Turn off and return knob to filter mode.
  5. Add more DE powder to the skimmer. (Consult your filter’s manual for exact measurements. Be careful not to get powder directly into the pool.)
  6. Turn the filter back on. You’re done!

How Often to Backwash a DE Filter

How often to backwash a DE filter? Less often than a sand filter!

A DE filter needs backwashing approximately once a month during normal use.

Backwash more often if your pool looks dirtier than usual or if the pressure has increased 8-10 psi.

Rinse the DE grids about twice a season.

Pool Maintenance with Central Jersey Pools

Central Jersey Pools offers pool services will backwash a DE pool filter.

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At Central Jersey Pools we offer pool maintenance service to the Freehold, New Jersey area.

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At Central Jersey Pools we have the knowledge, equipment, and service technicians you need to keep your New Jersey pool in top condition.

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