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How to Affordably Extend Your Pool Season Year-Round

How to Affordably Extend Your Pool Season Year-Round – Summer is undoubtedly a pool owner’s favorite time of year. However, the summer season is just too short, leading many of us to long for the days we can jump in the pool again. It’s possible, though, to extend the season so you can enjoy your pool year-round. How can you keep your water warm through winter without going broke in the process?

A Multi-Pronged Approach
While your pool heater is invaluable, you can’t rely on it to handle such a big job all by itself. That’s why you have to incorporate multiple solutions to get the results you want, affordably. Here are some tips to try:

  • Purchase a black garden hose to syphon water out of the pool, through the hose, then back to the pool once more. Because of the coloring of the hose, the water is warmed up inside, so that you get warm water in your pool very cheaply – just the cost of a basic black hose. You can even use two if the water hasn’t warmed up quite to your liking.
  • Use a solar blanket for an effective way to heat up your pol. This option uses the sun’s UV rays to heat up the blanket and thus the water underneath. You can keep the solar blanket on year round, removing it when you want to jump in for a refreshing dip. Aside from the cost of the blanket itself, there is a bit of time involved with this method, as you have to set up the solar blanket, then take it off when you want to use the pool, and vice versa. Good news is, you can roll it for a quick on and off.
  • Liquid solar covers are another option, which have the same effect as solar blankets but in liquid form whereby it hugs the surface of the water to lock in heat and keep evaporation at bay. After you are done swimming, the liquid solar cover will re-form once the water calms down.
  • For an in-between option that gives you the benefits of a solar blanket and liquid solar, try solar rings. These rings attract the sun’s rays and uses them to keep the heat inside the pool. You add several of them to the pool and they work in conjunction to get the results you want. Not as effective as the above two, but worth a try.
  • Of course, you’ll need a good pool heater to complement all of the above methods. Look for an energy efficient one so you’re not spending a lot on energy bills.

In general, combining methods that reduce evaporation and trap heat will help ensure positive results for keeping your pool heated throughout the year – without breaking the bank. Let Central Jersey Pools help you explore all your pool heating options this year!

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