How to Dispose of Old or Unneeded Pool Chemicals

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At one time or another, as pool-owners, we have pool chemicals that are old or unneeded that we do not know how to dispose of properly. It is unlawful to dispose of them in your trash-landfills are not allowed to knowingly accept hazardous chemicals.
            Following are some of the methods of properly disposing of old pool chemicals.

Use them in your pool…
            Although you might have to purchase another chemical to counteract the effect of the old chemical, it is still a very effective way to rid yourself of the old or unneeded chemical.

Give the old or unneeded chemical to another pool owner…
            Water from one pool to another varies, as do the chemicals required to balance the pool water. You might have a friend or neighbor that could use the product in their pool.

Take the old or unneeded chemical to a pool company…
            Most pool companies will accept old or unneeded pool chemicals if the container is still in good shape. Sometimes the pool company can use the chemical or, if not, can properly dispose of the chemical.
            Another alternative would to take them to the Hazardous Waste Collection Day that the City of Denton Sponsors. It is usually held twice per year, once I the spring and once in the fall.  

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