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How to Get a Hot Deal on the Best Hot Tubs

In the market for a hot tub? Whether you’re looking for an indoor hot tub, an outdoor hot tub or even a portable hot tub, you’ll want to soak up as much information before you dive right into shopping. Check out these tips choosing a hot tub to help you buy the right one the first time.

Hot Tips for Choosing a Hot Tub

  • Buy the business before purchasing a hot tub.

You know that old story about the snake oil salesman? Well, don’t find yourself in the same situation when purchasing a hot tub. Choosing a hot tub dealer is just as important as choosing the product itself. Do your homework. Pick a business with a solid reputation and one that will make owing your hot tub a joy not a hassle. They should be willing to provide the same level of service after the sale as before your purchase.

  • Ask for references.

High-quality hot tub dealer rely on referrals from satisfied customers. A reputable dealer will put you in touch with customers who have purchased a similar indoor hot tub, outdoor hot tub or portable hot tub, so you can ask them about their experience with the brand and the level of customer service provided by the dealer.

  • Browse online but never buy.

Whether you’re looking for a 2 person hot tub or a 4 person hot tub, researching this major purchase on the Internet is a good first step. But if you’re looking to trust the product, don’t buy online. If you’re considering purchasing a hot tub from an out-of-state dealer, you won’t have a chance to see the product, analyze its quality, take a test soak or check references.

  • Avoid parking lot sales and fairs.

Hot tub exhibitors at fairs and in parking lots usually don’t have a local showroom or local service. That means they set up, put on the sales pressure and disappear after the sale. A reputable dealer will give you all the time you need to make your decision and be there to help long after your purchase.

  • Think out of the box.

Avoid those “big box” retailers that carry off-brands or stripped down versions of brand name hot tubs at lower prices. Whether it’s a 2 person hot tub or 4 person hot tub, it will likely have limited insulation and noisy pumps. Chances are that low price you scored will end up costing you in the long run.

  • Remember add-ons can add up.

Leveling, and on-site installation, instruction and operation shouldn’t incur add-on charges. They should be included in the sale. Beware of companies that intend to deliver your indoor hot tub, outdoor hot tub or portable hot tub to your driveway, leaving the heavy lifting to you. Professional spa installers should be sent to do the job.

  • Weigh the costs.

When choosing a hot tub, analyze the total cost, including delivery, energy costs, water care products and covers. A professional dealer will help you maximize your budget.
Hot tub owners who take the time to do their research find that purchasing a hot tub was the best investment they ever made. Be a smart shopper and you can soak up the benefits for years to come.

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