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How to Get Rid of Mustard Algae

You keep your chemicals balanced to a T, but you’re still seeing a worrisome yellow tinge to your pool water. What could it be? The culprit is probably mustard algae. While it can be tricky to deal with, no worries — there’s a way to get rid of mustard algae so that your swimming pool is sparkling clear again.

What is Mustard Algae?

According to BioGuard®, mustard algae is a type of green algae that is highly resistant to chlorine, because it has compounds that are resistant to the oxidation efforts of sanitizers. This helps it survive even in highly chlorinated conditions, and therefore is very difficult to kill and prevent.

Difficult, but not impossible! Here’s how.

How to Get Rid of Mustard Algae if it’s in Your Pool

Brush Your Pool

Before you begin the process of killing off mustard algae for good, brush your pool thoroughly. Don’t end at this step however — while brushing removes the yellow algae momentarily, it does grow back very quickly.

Kill Mustard Algae with an Algaecide

Since mustard algae is resistant to chlorine, you’re going to need the help of a strong algaecide in order to kill it thoroughly and effectively.

For an algae killer, try:

How to Prevent Mustard Algae

Some algaecides kill algae and others act as a preventative. Once you’re certain you’ve killed off the yellow algae growing in your pool, it’s time to prevent it from returning.

Add a Preventative Algaecide to Your Pool Chemical Routine

Add one of these algaecides to your regular pool chemical routine to keep all forms of algae at bay:

Keep Your Pool Filter Clean and Water Circulating

Another step in algae prevention is to make sure your pool filter is clean and circulating water well. This will ensure that your algaecide isn’t being overworked and then overpowered by algae once more. 

Brush Your Pool Some More

Brushing your pool routinely, along with maintaining a proper water chemical balance, is key in preventing future algae growth. Even if you don’t “see” any algae growing, brush your pool anyway. This keeps the interior surface clean and sends any debris to your filter (so that there’s nothing for algae to latch onto and feed off of).


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