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How to Heat Your Pool – Pool Heater Marlboro

How to Heat Your Pool
Heating your pool is one thing — doing it affordably is quite another. If money’s tight and budgets are getting leaner as we head into the holiday season, you may be eager to learn of ways to heat your pool on the cheap. Here are a few tips you can try.
Living in New Jersey, you know Mother Nature’s behavior is out of your control, as well as the cost of energy. But there are ways to mitigate these costs so you can enjoy your pool later in the season. Solar energy is a major part of the equation.
Solar Blankets
Solar blankets are a popular option for many pool owners because they keep the water comfortable and warm without breaking the bank, all by harnessing the natural power of the sun. Evaporation has a big hand in making your pool chilly. Solar blankets or covers keep that evaporation at bay as well as trap the sun’s UV rays. They’re not as expensive as you may think, but the convenience factor isn’t quite there yet and it’s not as easy to automatically apply it as with other types of covers. You may have to supplement with additional heating sources, too.
Solar Pool Heaters
Another affordable method to heat your pool is through a solar heater. It requires minimal maintenance, but this is easily done by the average pool owner. However, the cost lies in its installation, which is more expensive than a standard heater. You may even have to use them in conjunction with solar panels, which don’t always look very attractive due to their large and cumbersome nature.
Electric Heat Pumps
Heat pumps work by taking warm air from the surrounding environment to heat the water. They’re more costly than gas heaters but they cost less to operate and also last a much longer time. Just keep in mind, they’re not as efficient the lower the outdoor temperature gets, and you can’t really use them under 40 degrees F.
Gas Pool Heaters
Gas pool heaters are a fairly common way to heat your pool. Yes, it’s the most expensive way to provide heat but it’s also the fastest. So, if convenience is higher on your list than affordability, this is a great route to go. This on-demand option can also be used in conjunction with other solar options for the utmost in convenience and reliability.
Choosing the right pool heating solution for you will take a lot of research. We welcome you to call us at Central Jersey Pools to find out what our recommendations are for your type of pool and budget.

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