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How to Prime a Pool Pump | Swimming Pool NJ

It’s necessary to prime the pump so that it can more readily draw water from the pool…

Swimming Pool NJ – How to Prime a Pool Pump – At the start of the season, it’s necessary to prime the pump so that it can more readily draw water from the pool. Getting your pump in gear takes a few simple steps that you can handle on your own or hire a professional to do as part of pool opening services. It shouldn’t take you long, once you get the hang of it. Check out the following steps to achieving this task:

  1. Turn the system off for safety.
  2. Open the air relief valve on top of your filter to remove any excess air pressure in the system.
  3. Open the lid covering your pump basket and get out any debris present in the basket.
  4. Check your pump basket lid for any cracks, ensuring the O-ring is properly lubricated.
  5. Switch the Multiport Valve to Recirculate: This is a necessary step to bypassing the filter system, which means the water coming into the pump will enter only via your multiport valve and go right back into the pool – all without touching the inside of the filter. Don’t forget to take out any plugs in the skimmer or return jet so as to ensure the smooth flow of water into the pump.
  6. Fill Pump with Water: Remove the lid to your pump, making sure all drain plugs are where they should be so no leaks occur. Using a garden hose, fill the pump housing containing the basket. Essentially, you’re filling the lines from the skimmer to the pump so enough water is present to create suction. Do this for about two minutes to get enough water into the lines. If you prefer, you can use spray water via a hose nozzle right into the pipe itself. Simply aim the nozzle into the opening inside the pump housing.
  7. Turn on the Filter: Once the air relief valve is open and the pump lid is properly replaced, start the filter system up. If it has trouble starting, there’s probably not enough water in the lines and you may have to add more. See step above. You know you’ve done it correctly when the pump housing fills up with water with no visible air bubbles in the lid.
  8. Listen for air flowing out of the air relief valve on the filter.
  9. When you see water is steadily flowing out of the air relief valve, close the valve.
  10. Close the diverter valve and open up the air relief valve again to bleed the extra air.
  11. Close the air relief valve. Turn off the system.

If you’re having trouble with priming your pool pump, call Central Jersey Pools to do it for you. We offer this as part of our comprehensive pool opening services. Call us today at 732-462-5005.

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