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How to Select Your Cantilever Umbrella

How to Select Your Cantilever Umbrella – Choosing a cantilever umbrella for your patio set that will perform month after month is key. You need to find the right balance of sturdiness, shade and weather resistance in order to get the results you need. Cantilevered umbrellas feature a pole off to the side, with an umbrella attached outward. They can be adjusted for positioning just like standard patio umbrellas. These freestanding designs are preferable for those who like to position their umbrellas over other parts of the patio, not just the table.
There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing one, and here they are:

Size is directly correlated with the amount of shade you’ll get for your patio area. Ask yourself: how much space do you have? What are your shade needs? Don’t go with an umbrella that’s too big for the space or you’ll experience overcrowding. Likewise, if you have lots of children or elderly family members, go with larger coverage if you have the room so as to fit everyone comfortably. A good rule of thumb is for your umbrella to be table width plus an extra two feet per side, suggests Houzz.

Consider the height of your umbrella pole as well. It should be high enough so that you won’t hit your head on it, but not too high where you get no functionality out of it. Eight feet is common, but don’t go below seven feet.

Your cantilever umbrella is only as good as the base you get to support it. The base you choose will have to support your umbrella and keep it from blowing away in high winds or toppling over. They will also keep them straight during sunny days so they stay where you position them for optimum shade. It stands to reason that the longer the pole, the bigger the base you should get. Take some measurements and make sure the pole fits the base, if you are purchasing them separate. Many models, of course, come as a set and therefore take the guesswork out of the process.

Live in a windy climate? Go with fiberglass over aluminum bases. That’s because fiberglass is much better at bending with the wind instead of snapping off. When it comes to the cantilever umbrella fabric, make sure it’s weather resistant to UV rays and water. Cutting corners on price now will almost ensure you’ll be out buying another umbrella next season. Best to spend a little more now and get the best material for your climate. You want your cantilevered umbrella to last you through several seasons of homeownership.

Now that you have the perfect cantilever umbrella, think about your pool. Are you giving it the proper maintenance it needs to thrive this summer? Call Central Jersey Pools today at 732-462-5005 to inquire about our swimming pool maintenance and service. It’s never too late to start thinking about summer!

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