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It’s Time to Discover the Benefits of a Pool

Owning a pool is more than an investment in your backyard. It’s a boost to your lifestyle. No matter how old you are, you’ll reap the benefits of swimming pools from day one.

Top 5 Benefits of a Pool

1.     Memories

That first jump off a diving board. The rush of the cool water hitting your skin on a hot summer day. A friendly game of “Marco Polo” with the family. Owning a pool means making memories that you and your family and friends will have forever. From backyard barbeques to swimming lessons, the benefits of a pool last a lifetime.

2.     Convenience

When you own a swimming pool, you have your own aquatic oasis. You don’t have to worry about joining a pool club or only enjoying one on a family vacation. The pool is right there, offering immediate gratification whether it’s first thing in morning or after a long day’s work. Plus the physical benefits of swimming mean your pool is a convenient alternative to joining a gym. You can get many different kinds of workouts all in one place.

3.     Increasing Home Value

The National Association of Realtors recently announced that an in-ground fiberglass and concrete pool contributes to increasing home value on average up to 8 to 15 percent. This value is due to an in-ground swimming pool’s aesthetic charm and recreational appeal, both important to potential buyers. A pool’s added value also depends on its condition.

4.     Health & Fitness

We could all use a little more exercise—so just imagine getting out and active in your own pool! The benefits of swimming are undeniable, helping you exercise with very little stress on your joints. The benefits of a pool include weight loss and maintenance because swimming laps for 30 minutes can burn up to 300 calories. Kids can experience the benefits of swimming, too, activities like water basketball and volleyball. Plus, owning a pool lets everyone beat the heat of the summer.

5.     Family Events and Gatherings

Owning a pool can give you a center point for your next barbecue, party or family gathering. A swimming pool is a place that people can gather and socialize without being constricted to indoor activities. Once you make the investment of buying a swimming pool, your entertainment needs are met. The kids love playing by the pool and you don’t have to drive them to a crowded water park, where you not only pay entry fees, but also outrageous concession stand prices. Plus, having kids’ birthday parties poolside is much more affordable than going to bowling alleys, amusement parks or bouncy gyms.

If you’re planning on taking advantage of the benefits of a pool, remember, it takes an expert with an eye to making owning a pool a reality. It requires precise planning, artistic vision and the expertise of a professional pool builder. You’ll need a designer with a keen eye who can expertly plan your pool and water features. And most of all, you’ll need someone who knows how to give your home the most dazzling curb appeal on the block. There’s just no denying that hiring a professional pays off in the long run.

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