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Maintenance for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Maintenance for Above Ground Swimming Pools
As the owner of an above ground swimming pool in New Jersey, it goes without saying you need to ensure proper maintenance for your pool just like the owner of an inground pool does. Not much is different between the two: you still need to add and balance chemicals, scoop out debris and ensure the pool structure and surrounding decking is secure. Here are some tips to ensuring top-notch above ground pool care:
1. Run the pump frequently. Never run it less than 12 hours a day. Keeping your water in constant motion will lessen the chances of bacteria and algae growth. Allow the main pump to run 24/7 if you can.
2. Backwash the filter. Do this weekly at least. The filter does an important job, which is to remove visible and microscopic matter. In addition, treat the water with a chemical cleaner once per summer. Make sure the pump is running!
3. Brush the walls of the pool regularly. This is where algae and bacteria can grow and accumulate. Do this once a week to keep the pool clean and looking good if you have a manual vacuum. An automatic vacuum can run every day if you want.
4. Test the water. In order to keep a good balance of chemicals in the pool, measure and adjust on a regular basis for the following: active sanitizer, chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity. You can use handy test strips weekly to keep track of these readings and make any adjustments based on the results.
5. Add chemicals in the right doses. It’s important to add enough chlorine to your pool to provide a safe, sanitary way of cooling off in the summer.
6. Check the surrounding of your above ground swimming pool area for safety. On a weekly basis, check the decking around the pool and inspect for any loose boards, splinters, and protruding nails, and fix as needed. Check the stability of ladders and railings, and tighten them if they are loose.
7. Add sanitizer to your Above Ground Swimming Pool. To keep your pool as healthy as possible, add chlorine or mineral sanitizer systems to kill off bacteria and guard against algae. You can get them in tablet or granular forms.
8. Perform regular cleaning or your above ground swimming pool. Scoop out leaves, twigs, dead bugs and other debris from the surface of the water before entering. Check the liner regularly to ensure no rips or tears have formed. Have them patched or repaired. You may notice your water line keeps going down no matter how many times you add water. This could be a sign of a leak. Consult with a professional like Central Jersey Pools to troubleshoot and fix this situation.
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