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Master Pool Cleaning for a Party

Step 1: Scooping up loose debris
Unless you’re a pool cleaning fanatic, chances are there are some leaves and debris floating around. Remove these with a brush and a hose. Remove any stubborn dirt on the pool floor with professional cleaner and a hard brush. Also make sure you clean the decking or concrete surrounding your pool.
Step 2: Cleaning pool filter
Whether you have a diatomaceous earth, sand, or cartridge filter, each has its own pool maintenance technique, and all require periodic cleaning. Avoid cleaning pool filter more than necessary as it can negatively affect the filtration process. Believe it or not, dirt helps trap other substances, so having a little in there is actually a good thing!
Step 3: Check the water level
During the swimming season, tons of water is lost to evaporation, splashing and exiting the pool. As you remove debris with your skimmer before the party, be sure to check the water level. If you notice that the water level is low, bring it up using a hose.
Step 4: Shocking a pool
Shocking a pool weekly is the general rule of thumb. A good chlorine shock a week before the party will prevent the chlorine form binding to other chemicals, which can cause your guests irritation.
Step 5: Maintaining proper pH levels
Checking the pH levels is just as important as a chlorine shock. pH levels in your pool should be about the same as the pH level of human tears, which is 7.2. However, keeping pH levels in the range of 7.2 – 7.6 is optimal. Measure your pH with a drop-type test kit for the most accurate results.
Step 6: Check the steps, ladders and diving board.
While you obviously want your guests to enjoy themselves, safety should be your primary concern. As part of your pool maintenance, ensure the steps, ladders and diving board are completely stable and not at all slippery. Check out the deck or patio surrounding your pool area, and ensure they’re and well maintained.
Step 7: Light up the landscape
Installing outdoor lighting near the pool area can allow the party to last longer. Lighting fixtures mounted around your pool will also help your party guests navigate the pool area safely. For a budget-friendly option, create an inviting atmosphere with outdoor lanterns.
Once you’ve followed each of these seven steps, sit back and survey your yard. Take in the hardscaping, the landscaping and the pool cleaning results. Is it somewhere you’d like to spend the day? If you know how to clean a pool and how to entertain, the day should go swimmingly!

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