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Guardian Pool Fences - We believe it’s the world’s safest removal pool fence on the market today, and that’s why we’re representing all of their product lines.

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Originial Pool Fence

Guardian’s Original Pool Fence System is NOT the same mesh fence we first made available in 1995. 

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Premier Pool Fences

Guardian Pool fence has tested and improved materials and durability over the course of 20 years in business. 

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Pet Fence

Guardian has spent over five years developing our specialized reinforced mesh that can withstand the scratching and jumping from a variety of pets.

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The Original Pool Fence System By Guardian

Don’t let the name fool you. Guardian’s Original Pool Fence System is NOT the same mesh fence we first made available in 1995. As a natural innovator, our CEO is always on the lookout for ways to advance our products. Over the years we have implemented changes to our gate, mesh, and pole structure to increase the strength, quality and safety of our mesh pool fences. We take pride in manufacturing the best mesh pool fences our industry has to offer.

Why call it “Original”?

It’s the size of the deck hole. Our Original Pool Fence Pole requires a 1 ¼” diameter deck hole. This size hole has been the standard used throughout the industry since the earliest mesh pool fences were in production.

Precision Drilling
No matter the size hole you choose, the deck area around your fence will look pristine. Holes in the masonry surfaces are precisely drilled using diamond-core bits to prevent chipping or cracking of your pool deck surface. Our fences and gate can also be expertly installed into a wood deck or your lawn and planter area. Please contact us to learn more about Guardian Fence products.

Safest Mesh Gate in the Industry

Within the first year of opening our doors Guardian began reengineering our gate. Our previous design relied on a crossbar to maintain gate tension but it created a weak point on our fence that we were unsatisfied with. Even though unlikely, a fence with a crossbar could provide enough support for a determined child to pull themselves over. We felt taking this chance, however small, was compromising on safety. With the help of a mechanical engineer, we redesigned our gate to use two round poles on each side of the gate instead of the one square pole, and welded gussets at each corner to add strength and durability. Our gate tension is now controlled by two secured trusses on either side of the gate and easily adjustable for an adult. Even with no crossbar, our gate is strong and will not collapse if a child hangs from the top of it. Our mesh gate is self-closing, self-latching, key lockable and the only mesh gate that is truly climb resistant.

“Y” Is Stronger than “X”

In the early years of the mesh pool fence industry, high quality fence poles were reinforced with an internal “X” frame for added strength. As the industry standard of the time we adopted this pole into the first models of our pool fence but it wasn’t long before discovering a stronger option.
Because the “X” pole had been tried and true for so many years, the decision to switch to a new pole design didn’t come easy. In fact, when an engineer approached our CEO with the news that the “Y” frame is stronger, our CEO required him use equations showing us how. The engineer was able to prove an extruded aluminum pole with a “Y” frame is considerably stronger than the “X” pole and we began implementing this safety improvement immediately. It’s a wonder why other pool fence companies still use the “X” pole.

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