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Outdoor Furniture, Umbrellas & Maintenance

Aluminum Furniture
Aluminum is widely used in the construction of outdoor furniture because it is extremely durable, lightweight, can be formed into many styles and shapes, and will not rust.  Your aluminum frames have an electrostatically applied powder-coated paint finish.  This process is similar to the one used in the automotive industry.  However, if over the course of time, nicks or scratches appear on the painted frame, you can purchase paint at a paint supply store and easily “touch-up” the furniture by following these procedures:
Textured Finishes
1. Clean surface area.
2. Apply a textured or flat spray paint
3. Let paint dry.
 Glossy Finishes

1. Clean surface area
2. Use fine sand paper to prepare surface area
3. Apply a few thin coats of spray paint to a sanded area.
4. Let paint dry and polish with automotive wax.
Hand Applied Finishes
Some aluminum sets have an “antiqued” finish where the paint is applied and wiped by hand in the production process
1. Clean the surface area
2. Use a small paint brush to coat the area and wipe with a soft cloth
Do not use aerosol paint
3. Let paint dry.
To clean the frames, use a mild non-abrasive cleanser.
Your aluminum frames may come with vinyl straps to support your cushions. These straps can be cleaned by using mild soap and water or a commercial that is sold at Central Jersey Pools.
Cast Aluminum Furniture
Cast aluminum is as practical as it is decorative. It adds beauty and distinction to your home. It is lightweight and will not rust, making it suitable for both interior and exterior use.
Most cast aluminum is sand casted and hand painted, so minor differences in pieces within a set should be expected.
The frames have an electrostatically applied powder-coated paint finish. If over a period of time, nicks or scratches appear, you can “touch-up” the furniture by using a small paint brush to coat the surface with an enamel paint. It is recommended that you do not use an aerosol paint.
To clean your furniture, a periodic sponging using a non-abrasive household cleaning fluid is all that is necessary.
NOTE: To care for your chair cushions.
All-Weather Wicker Furniture
Unlike indoor wicker, most of our all-weather outdoor wicker is made of polyolefin resin which is woven around a powder coated aluminum frame to create the ideal outdoor furniture. The polyolefin material is very durable – it will not fade, crack, or peel.
To clean resin-weave wicker, use a mild soap with water. Do not use abrasive powders, chlorine bleaches, or silicone cleaners.
NOTE: To care for your chair cushions.
Care and Maintenance of Outdoor Furniture Fabric
Outdoor furniture features an array of easy-care fabrics which offer comfort and beauty. Proper care and maintenance is required to keep your furniture in top shape. Cushions are generally filled with a polyester or high density foam material which does not absorb water. In addition, cushions and slings are manufactured with a fungicide which deters the growth of mold and mildew. For this reason, it is imperative that cushions and slings be cleaned periodically. Central Jersey Pools carries an assortment of cleaners to suit your needs. Cushions will generally dry faster if placed on their side and allowed to drain. Never store cushions wet or seal them in a plastic bag, as it might cause them to mildew or mold.
Before using any cleaning solution, we recommend that you test a small area for color fastness. Most outdoor fabrics are manufactured with an ultraviolet inhibitor to resist yellowing. Be aware, however, that like and other outdoor product, a certain amount of fading will occur due to exposure to the sun. Chlorine may also cause fading and discoloration.
Textilene is a synthetic fabric made of PVC coated polyester it is breathable, fashionable, and very durable. To clean textilene, a solution of 3 gallons of ater, one cup of mild detergent, and 1 cup of household bleach should be applied with a sponge and then hosed off with clear water. In instances where mold and mildew growth has begun or a stubborn stain exists, a commercial outdoor cleaner should be applied with a stiff brush.
These are durable outdoor fabrics which should be spot washed with a soapy solution of liquid dish detergent and lukewarm water. Apply with a sponge and rinse with clean water to remove soap. Allow to air dry.
Your local pool company will likely carry a variety of umbrellas in many fabrics, sizes, and shapes. In most of our umbrellas, the fabric is supported by a powder-coated aluminum pole. Some of our market umbrellas are constructed of hardwood poles. Most of our umbrellas block-out a large percentage of the sun’s harmful rays.
Your umbrella should always be supported by an umbrella weight. This is sold separately. We have a large assortment of our umbrella weights; aluminum, cast aluminum, and cast iron. Remember to always close your umbrella when not in use.
Unfortunately, a common mistake made by many people is that they leave their umbrella open when not in use. If there is a wind storm, the umbrella may lift enough to damage the umbrella and the dining table it is covering.
Central Jersey Pools and our umbrella manufacturers do not warranty against wind damage. Please remove the umbrella from your table in windy conditions.

NOTE: Always secure your umbrella with an umbrella weight.
Cantilever Umbrellas
Cantilever or “arc” umbrellas are becoming extremely popular for residential use. These umbrellas provide coverage for large areas and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
They are easy to operate and should be moved to a storage area during the winter.
The umbrella base, for some of our models, must be properly filled with pebbles or sand. Please follow the instructions that are included with your purchase. If the umbrella base is not properly filled, there is a chance that the umbrella will tip over. Some of our cantilever umbrellas require a set of four (4) square weights to secure the umbrella.
Cantilever or arc umbrellas must be closed in high winds and when not in use. It is recommended that you protect cantilever umbrellas with a protective cover.

Outdoor Furniture Covers
The best and simplest way to protect your outdoor furniture investment is with an outdoor cover. Central Jersey Pools offers our customers an extensive selection of furniture covers. Our exclusive line of covers is manufactured for us to our exact specifications. A quality cover will provide protection from rain, dirt, debris, and the harmful rays of the sun. For best results we suggest that you cover your furniture when not in use and during the winter months.

Care and Maintenance of Your Outdoor Protective Covers
Covers are designed to protect your furniture investment and to keep your furniture clean and dry. Just like anything that sits outside in the elements, protective covers will get dirty. If the covers get dirty, then they are doing their job in keeping the weathering and debris away fro m your furniture.

If your covers do get dirty, follow these simple instructions:
Remove any large debris from the covers
Leave the covers on the furniture and rinse off with a hose
Use a mild, warm soapy water (nothing abrasive or with harsh chemicals)
Use a soft rag to remove the dirt and rinse in the soapy water repeatedly
Rinse off soap with a hose and allow furniture to dry
If covers are hung to dry, make sure they are completely dry before placing back on furniture

If you have any questions or feedback contact Central Jersey Pools at (732) 462 – 5005 or visit our website which is We are located on Route 9 North in Freehold, New Jersey. Come in and speak to our experienced staff or check out our showrooms that have outdoor dining sets, hot tubs, saunas, pools and patio furniture.

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