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Outdoor Patio Furniture Trends

Outdoor Patio Furniture Trends – Outfitting your patio with the right furniture takes some research and planning. There are many styles and fabrics out there to choose from, not to mention many diverse price ranges. Your outdoor patio furniture should last throughout many seasons, so spending a little more now will ensure a long life span for the items you choose.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Considerations

First off, consider what the patio will be used for and the frequency of use. If you have a large family with small children, you want durable, rugged furniture; by contrast, if it’s just you and your spouse occasionally entertaining guests, you can go a little more decorative and pricey.
Next, consider if you want the patio to be an extension of the indoors. Will you bring the style of your living room and kitchen outside to continue the theme or are you looking to create a totally new, unique space with a look and feel all its own?

Outdoor Patio Furniture Materials

Now it’s time to decide on material. You want a high-quality base from which you can build a strong, durable patio set that you can count on for many years of service. From wicker and bamboo to resin and wood, it’s a good idea to research each material and match it with your needs. Check out various models in stores so you can view and touch the various materials as well as ask questions. The weather will play a big role in your selection. If you prefer to leave your patio furniture out year round without the hassle of taking it in when it rains, you’re best off going with stone or wrought iron tables and chairs. Pair them with cushions made of acrylic fabrics that can brave all sorts of weather conditions and sun exposure.
If you’re concerned about decay but still love the effect of wood furniture, lean towards redwood or cedar, which are both naturally resistant to warping, decay and insects. Or, go with recycled plastic which is resistant to all that plus rust. Got a pool? Worried about the effect of all that splashing? Try teak furniture, which happens to be highly water resistant. For added durability as well as water resistance, powder-coated metal is a great choice that won’t fade or scratch over the years. Likewise, resin wicker (made from PVC, nylon, polyethylene, or high-density polyethylene) won’t crack or fade in the hot sun.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Fabrics

This is highly subjective, and will depend on your personal style. Patterned fabrics will work best with small children, as stains will be readily hidden. Speaking of patterns: stripes, swirls and oversized florals are on track to be the big trend this summer. The bolder the better – but if you’re not into bright colors, another good choice is sea green paired with cream. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Have stripes on your sofa cushions but florals for your throw pillows. Pull your design theme through to complementary aspects of your décor, from towels to tablecloths to  place mats.
Keeping your patio looking gorgeous throughout the summer is just one component of your backyard. Hire the experts at Central Jersey Pools to keep your pool looking and functioning great all season long.

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