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Luxury Plunge Pools

It's never been easier to transform your backyard into a personal oasis.

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Plunge Pools for Smaller Backyards

The unique non-corrosive composite exoskeleton means that unlike many other fiberglass pools, The  Little Pool Co. series can be installed fully above ground. Perfect for smaller sites with limited excavation options.

Gone are the days where getting a swimming pool means having a major construction project in your own back yard. The Little Pool Co. makes it simple. Pick your favorite pool shape, choose your preferred color, select your ideal exterior color, then sit back and get ready to swim.

It’s never been easier to turn your backyard into a personal oasis.

When your pool arrives you barely need to lift a finger. All you need is a level concrete pad and a certified electrical connection, then simply fill your pool with water and jump in. Fencing requirements vary according to local codes. Check local building codes for regulations in your area.



Benefits of Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is a small pool that offers many of the same benefits provided by full-size swimming pools in a more compact space. Most plunge pools range by about two to seven yards long by two to four yards wide. They vary substantially in depth, with shallower pools available starting at just one to two yards and ranging virtually as deep as you’d like.

One of the most common identifiers of a plunge pool is that unlike a full-sized swimming pool, plunge pools contain large seating areas.

While plunge pools are generally thought to be more for relaxing than for swimming, it is possible to swim in a plunge pool. Many plunge pools come with the option of swim jets, which provide an artificial current of resistance so that you can swim in-place for as long as you like.

Adding swim jets to your plunge pool also allows you to utilise the plunge pool as a spa. This further increases the relaxation benefits you can enjoy with your plunge pool.

Families love plunge pools because they offer a lot of the same benefits as swimming pools in only a fraction of the space. The compact size of a plunge pool is ideal for those who have limited backyard space but still wish to own a pool. Especially in heavily populated areas where lots tend to be very small, plunge pools are a great way to achieve the private pool experience without needing a lot of room.

Perhaps the biggest reason why plunge pools are popular is because of their many health and wellness benefits. Having a plunge pool gives you a designated place not just to cool down when it’s hot out, but to rest your mind and recover from stress. 

The construction and installation process for a plunge pool is very similar to that of a regular swimming pool. Plunge pools are most often made from fiberglass.  

Plunge pool designs come in three main types: in-ground, above ground, or partially in-ground. The process you’ll choose depends largely on your aesthetic wants, your property, and your budget.

In-ground plunge pools are the most popular because they tend to look sleeker and more professional. An in-ground plunge pool adds an element of luxury to your property, especially when paired with complementary landscaping. Having an in-ground plunge pool creates an ideal space for entertaining or outdoor living.

When an in-ground plunge pool is installed, the process begins with excavation. A portion of your backyard will need to be excavated to make room for the pool. If you purchase a fiberglass pool, the unit will be installed as a whole piece after the completion of groundwork. If you purchase a concrete pool, your pool builder will begin building the concrete pool on-site after the groundwork process is complete.


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