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Detailed Spa and Pool Inspections for NJ Homeowners

Why hire Central Jersey Pools to perform spa and pool inspections? NJ residents can attest that after 57 years, we know a thing or two about pools and spas. It takes many years of hands-on experience in pool service for a company to be able to perform a thorough pool inspection. Our technicians receive continuing training on the latest developments and technology in the pool industry, and not only inspect pools but open, close, repair and maintain pools on a regular basis. We are also a State of New Jersey Licensed Electrical Contractor (NJ Reg #13VH01191400). Central Jersey Pools offers an in-home Pool Training Class once you move into your new home. Please refer to our pricing section for details.

Why Are Swimming Pool Inspections Necessary?

Spa and swimming pool inspections should be performed for the same reasons that you schedule a house or termite inspection. A beautiful-looking pool should not fool you into thinking everything is okay. The same goes for your spa or hot tub. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing, for instance, that the pool is properly plumbed, that all equipment, skimmers, and lights are working properly, and that GFCI’s are properly installed. Since not all warranties are valid the home changes hands, spa and pool inspections for NJ residents are a must. You don’t want to be caught off guard if costly repairs are needed.

Our Swimming Pool Inspection Checklist

Central Jersey Pools offers a thorough inspection of your pool or spa. If you’re a new homeowner, you may have had a licensed inspector come out to look at the condition of your home, which is always a smart idea. But as pool specialists, we know exactly what to look for when we examine your pool or spa. Our spa and pool inspection checklist includes the current condition of all accessible components of the pool, equipment and surrounding environment including a safety checkup of the pool and pool area.
We note the condition of:

• Pool walls
• Coping
• Stairs
• Skimmers
• Diving board
• Ladders
• Filter and multiport valve
• Pump and motor
• Chlorinator
• Heater
• Automatic cleaner
• Underwater lights
• Time clock
• Valves
• Fencing
• Decks
• Winter covers
• Surrounds

A detailed report on the current condition of your pool will be prepared and emailed to you. This report will also include an estimate for any repairs that are needed.

Do We Offer Year-Round Pool Inspection Services?

Yes. If your inspection is scheduled during warm weather, the current owner should have the pool open and operational. If your inspection is scheduled after the pool has been closed for the season, or if the pool was not opened, please make arrangements with the current owner to pump off standing water and remove debris from the pool cover. A separate charge will apply to open the pool before the inspection and to winterize and re-cover the pool after the inspection.
Central Jersey Pools is a family owned and operated business with a long history of superior customer service. Call 732.462.5005 to schedule your pool inspection, or visit our showroom in Freehold, NJ for all of your chemicals, accessories or outdoor kitchen needs.

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