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Pool Chemistry

<h2>Pool Chemistry</h2>
Here is an explanation of all the chemicals used to manage your pool water. Be sure to know what chemicals can be mixed safely with each other. With this information, you and Central Jersey Pools will be able to work together to solve all of your pool problems. Make a list of chemicals you are using in your pool. Show the list to us if you are not sure what they are or what they do.
<h2>Some Common Pool Chemicals:</h2>
<strong>Sanitizer:</strong> used primarily to kill bacteria. The most common sanitizers are Chlorine, Bromine, and Biguanide.
<strong>Oxidizer/Shock:</strong> used to keep water clean, burn off organic waste, and kill algae in your pool.
<strong>pH adjusters:</strong> used to raise or lower pH to the correct level. This allows sanitizers to work better, reduces scaling and corrosion, and affects the comfort of your skin and eyes.
<strong>Total Alkalinity Adjusters:</strong> used to raise or lower total alkalinity, which keeps pH from changing drastically.
<strong>Calcium hardness Increaser:</strong> helps prevent deterioration of plaster, pool, and metal surfaces.
<strong>Algaecide:</strong> used to prevent or kill existing algae. It is often used with an oxidizer or shock.
<strong>Clarifier:</strong> clears up hazy or cloudy water. It is commonly called Flocculent or Coagulant.
<strong>Sequestering/Chelating Agent:</strong> used to prevent staining of pool surfaces and water discoloration caused by metals in the water.
<strong>Enzymes:</strong> used to break down slime into carbon dioxide and water.
<strong>Tile and Vinyl cleaners:</strong> used to remove built up scale and scum lines.
<strong>Tertabroate compounds:</strong> another way to kill algae, slime, and water mold.
Why are chemicals needed? Even fluorinated and chlorinated tap water left untreated would become host to all kinds of living organisms, including bacteria, algae, and mold. Swimming pools need consistent application of certain chemicals to keep water clean and clear.
Before you mess around with your pool chemicals, have a sample of your water analyzed by Central Jersey Pools. You can just dip some water out of your pool with a Tupperware container. Here at Central Jersey Pools, we transfer some of the water into a test tube to be analyzed. After the water is analyzed by a computer and we will give you a comprehensive analysis of the results to ensure that you get the best available chemicals to balance your pool chemistry.
What chemicals do you need for your pool? The most important chemical your pool needs is a sanitizer. Sanitizers are used to kill bacteria. Most pools are sanitized with either chlorine, Biguanide (pronounced BY-GWAN-EYED), or Bromine. Chlorine is the most commonly used. However, Biguanide and Bromine are becoming more popular.
In what forms do sanitizers come? Chlorine comes in granular/powder, sticks, liquid, tablets, and for commercial use, gas. Bromine comes in tablets, and Biguanide comes in liquid form.
<strong>Caution: NEVER mix chlorine or bromine with a Biguanide.</strong>
<strong>Caution: You may shock a bromine based pool with chlorine, but not with a Biguanide Shock.</strong>

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