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2019 Pool Clean Up Form

Thank you for choosing Central Jersey Pools for your pool cleanup needs.  Please be advised that the total cost could be between several hundred dollars and several thousand dollars. 

  • Install a rental filter at a cost of $300 per week which includes delivery, setup, one *maintenance check, and one removal. This pricing applies whether the filter is in place for 1 day or all 7 days.  (* Maintenance checks include backwashing the filter, replenishing the DE powder and making sure the rental filter is working properly.)
  • Chemicals added at these visits per our water analysis are an additional cost.


  • Once the water is clear enough to see the bottom, we will vacuum the pool to get out debris/leaves, etc. This will be charged at a rate of $159 per hour.  At that time another water sample will be taken to determine what chemicals are needed to clear up your pool water.
  • We will add needed chemicals at an additional cost.
  • The rental filter will be kept in place at the cost of $300 per week through the vacuuming period until the water clears.  


  • When the water is clear, call us to return and remove the rental filter.

It is then up to you to continue to care for your pool.  Proper water chemistry is only attainable after continued cleaning, chemical sanitizing and filtration.
Thank you.

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